Xbox to Offer Timed Slices of Games

Xbox to offer timed slices of games as well as adverts on its platform. Users might even get to watch to play very soon on the platform. This and much other news were recently revealed by Bond in an interview.

Xbox Timed Slices of Games

Xbox Timed Slices of Games

Sarah Bond, vice president for games at Microsoft in a recently held interview described the different directions that Xbox is willing to take in order to promote a change of pace.

Several possibilities would see Xbox get to branch out from Game Pass in a bid to “experiment with different models” such as ads in games or even “timed slices of games”, Bond in an interview with Rolling Stone stated.

And while Xbox is committed to supporting the widely successful subscription service, Bond however seems to think that it is time to branch out. “It’s about the depth and breadth of the portfolio all up, from big triple-A [games], to indie titles to hidden gems”, Bond stated.

Xbox’s Goal Going Forward with the Plan

Whatever may get to happen, it now seems that there is one coherent goal for Xbox going forward. This is, however, to provide “creators with options, and choice enables them to experiment and do what they like, and actually create more immersive and creative experiences without having to fit into a mould”, Bond revealed.

Despite the fact that Game Pass is a widely successful subscription service and platform, with many titles that make their way onto the best Game Pass games list, it still has not been enough to take Xbox above other gaming platforms such as the PlayStation or even the Nintendo Switch.

Xbox’s Recent Issues

Even with the prospect of the highly-anticipated sci-fi RPG Starfield of Xbox on the horizon, it still seems as if Microsoft has taken some big hits this very year, with the likes of Redfall getting a seriously poor reception. And when you couple this with the numerous roadblocks in the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Xbox, all largely thanks to the CMA blocking the transaction; it is quite fair to say that Microsoft needs a refresh of ideas.

Xbox at the moment needs more viable exclusives and original IPs in order to make a dent in the shiny record of PlayStation. So if this can be achieved by experimenting with more games through timed slices of titles, then I’m all for it, and I think I speak the mind of many Xbox fans out there.

 Who Needs To Approve the Microsoft Activision Deal?

Microsoft’s $69 billion deal for Activision Blizzard has leady been approved by European regulators on Monday. The decision however as you should know does not clear the path for the acquisition though, but it could help the company as it now focuses on objections from the UK and the US.

What Does Microsoft Buying Activision Mean

This is simple. Purchasing Activision simply will give Microsoft the ownership of many of the biggest games in the world, but however not Call of Duty, but others and this is including mobile giants such as Candy Crush. All of the games will be part of Microsoft after the deal and they can then be used in boosting the offering of the Xbox.



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