We Could see The iPad Mini 7 Before The End Of The Year

We could see the iPad mini 7 before the end of the year according to several reports. If anything about the news making the rumor mill is true, then it just might be that we may see the iPad mini 7 before the end of 2023.

The iPad Mini 7

The iPad Mini 7

We got to see four iPhone 15 models, the Apple Watch 9, as well as the Apple Watch Ultra 2 make their debuts in the previous week, but it seems that Apple may not be finished with new products this very year – and the iPad mini 7 in question has been tipped to make an appearance just before the year 2023 is out.

This news in particular is coming from the Taiwanese outlet DigiTimes (via MacRumors). This is a publication with close connections to sources that are inside Apple’s supply chain partners. The publication has a better-than-average record at Apple product predictions, although not a perfect one, however.

DigiTimes in an article on market demand for tablets, mentions a “new small-size iPad” due to launch in the fourth quarter of the year 2023, which may sound to us very much like a successor to the iPad mini 6 that we got back in 2021.

More Details From the Report Form DigiTimes

This very particular report from DigiTimes does not really give us any other real or concrete information in regards to what we should expect from the iPad mini 7, but we kind of got our very own ideas in that regard. The device in question will clearly be much faster than its predecessor, although perhaps not by a big margin.

This really is not completely out of the blue. There has been chatter around a 2023 appearance for the iPad mini 7 prior to this and one leaker had also suggested that the smaller slate would be launching with the iPhone 15. Well, that didn’t happen, but we just may not have much longer to wait.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s Analysis of the Issue

Also, Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-respected industry analyst has gone on record as stating that an iPad mini 7 could get to ship by the end of 2023 or even early in the next year, 2024. Perhaps Apple is very much keen to get the tablet out on sale in time for the holiday season.

When to Expect an Announcement from Apple

An announcement as you should know could come at any time in that fourth quarter window, October, November, or December. But even at that, we are thinking that we will just get a press release from Apple rather than a full-on event in that regard at Cupertino headquarters.

Apple’s Plans for the Rest of the Calendar Year

And that may just well be it for Apple for the calendar year as the next iPad Pros, complete with OLED displays as well as M3 chips, are not expected until 2024. It also seems now that the M3 Mac upgrades in question are going to be scheduled for 2024, as well.



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