Intel Raptor CPUs Could Launch Sooner Than Expected

Intel Raptor CPUs could launch sooner than expected. What does this mean for its rivals then? A clue left in the drivers of Intel suggests that the much anticipated 13th-gen chips could be available before October. And with that being said, look out AMD!

Intel Raptor CPUs Could Launch Sooner Than Expected

Intel Raptor CPUs Could Launch Sooner Than Expected

The raptor lake processors of Intel have shown up in a new driver release that gives a hint into what users may see in regards to the release date of the company’s next-gen CPUs and it’s not long from now. Support for raptor lake-S and P processors have been added to the new Intel media driver release as per a report by VideoCardz (version 22.4.4 that is labeled Q2 although we have passed that quarter).

Generally, the designations of CPUs all refer to raptor lake desktop (S) and laptop processors (P-lower power mobile chips). And it is kind of interesting to see the type of support for the latter. This is due to the fact that so far rumor mill surrounding the issue has been quietly relatively in regards to what to expect from the incoming 13th-gen range on the mobile front from Intel.

The general expectation mostly partly to the lack of noise on the grapevine is that laptop models however may be released a tad bit later for raptor lake but with the desktop chips coming first.

Is AMD In Danger Of Being Left Behind?

As you should already know by now, most of the rumors recently have all pointed to a set launch date for the raptor lake in October. And users and enthusiasts have been wondering whether Intel might just feel to push the release date for the 13th-gen processors quicker than the stipulated date as prior rumors had suggested that September could be the date that the raptor silicon may be released or launched.

And with the fact that we are now seeing Raptor Lake come up in driver references right now is somewhat of a suggestion that the company’s launch of the product could be sooner than expected.


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