Intel Quietly Released Two New Arc GPUs

Intel quietly released two new Arc GPUs, but however, did not even bother to announce them. That being said, the chip-making company just launched two new laptop graphics cards and they both went under the radar, with no form of announcement or whatsoever.

Intel Two New Arc GPUs

Intel Two New Arc GPUs

You get to turn your back for just a couple of moments in the GPU industry, and I can tell you quite a lot can happen. And such an instance was a couple of new graphics cards getting launched in a very quiet and under-the-radar manner by Intel.

VideoCardz was very keen-eyed enough to notice that GPU-making company Intel has stealthily released two new mobile GPUs which are the Arc A570M and A530M.

These are laptop graphics cards just in case you don’t know, and just as noted, there was no form of announcement at all of these new models, they just immediately appeared on the website of Intel, and are also supported in the latest release of the graphics driver of Team Blue (version, that was pushed out yesterday).

What You Need To Know About the Newly Released GPUs

And based on the info that Intel has released – which to begin with, isn’t much. The A570M as you should know is a slightly beefed-up version of the A550M that is already in existence, thus offering the very same loadout of 16 Xe cores. The A570M in question differentiates itself with a slightly faster clock speed of 1.3GHz (in contrast to 900MHz), and the power usage on the other hand is also upped to 95W in a bid to achieve this (from 75W).

The A530M as you should have known by now is more interesting in the sense that it is an entirely new laptop GPU, the very first in the Arc mobile stable to have 12 Xe cores. It also will run with a clock speed of 1.3GHz and also power usage that can be configured up to 95W.

That said, what we are kind of lacking right now is any piece of information regarding the memory on board these newly released graphics cards.

What the Release of the New GPUs Mean For the Market

With these newly added models, the Arc range of Intel for laptops now has seven GPUs in total, with the new products in question sitting in the mid-range (500 series) along with the A550M. That in question then beefs up the middle of the Arc line-up considerably, thus seeing as the A550M was just the only option up until now.

How Laptop Makers and Consumers Will Benefit From This

It’s obviously not a bad thing for laptop makers as well as consumers who will ultimately purchase the notebooks in a bid to have more choice in affordable discrete GPU options for a portable that is Intel-powered. The A530M in particular should however make a very useful addition to the range in regards to getting something decently peppy that will not push the cost of the laptop up way too much.



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