Intel Arc GPUs Continues To Get Confirmed Prices

Intel Arc GPUs continues to get confirmed prices and Nvidia should be worried on its own end as Intel seems to be getting more serious when it comes to its pricing.

Intel Arc GPUs Continues To Get Confirmed Prices

Intel Arc GPUs Continues To Get Confirmed Prices

At the moment, Intel is now pushing ahead of its planned launch for the Intel Arc A7 desktop graphics cards thus confirming the prices for the arc A750 and A770 Limited Edition (LE), having confirmed both the price and release date for the regular A770 already.

And while the latter card is sitting in the middle at $329, the limited edition variant which features an upgraded 16GB of VRAM in contrast to the regular model of 8GB will cost $349, while the A750 on the other hand comes in at a very budget friendly price of $289 MSRP.

There Is Also a Limited Edition of the A750

You should also know that there is a limited edition of the A750 as well, but the major differences seem to appear to only be cosmetic. In regards to the pricing and availability for these cards in regions outside of the US are yet to be confirmed.

Intel at the moment is comparing the A770 to the RTX 3060 Ti of Nvidia and the A750 to the RTX 3060, and so far the performance comparisons look really good, especially when considering that the Arc cards are cheaper significantly than other similar offerings from both AMD and Nvidia. But just as always we will reserve our judgment until we can test out these graphic cards ourselves.

The Limited Edition Models Are Basically the Same Thing as the Founder’s Edition Cards of Nvidia

The limited edition models as you should know are basically the same thing as the founder’s edition cards of Nvidia which is manufactured and sold directly by Intel with a sleek twin-fan design.

The A770 limited edition will sport RGB lighting but the A750 on the other hand will not which is more likely a move in keeping the price down. It’s still unclear as to whether the LE cards will actually be ‘limited’ per se as Intel has not yet stated that they will only be making a confirmed number of these GPUs.


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