Windows 11 Update Gives Users More Control on the Platform

Windows 11 update gives users more control on the platform and in particular over what’s making use of a file. With this very update, you can easily find out the reason why a file is slowing down your PC.

Windows 11 Update Gives Users More Control on the Platform

Windows 11 Update Gives Users More Control on the Platform

File explorer finally will be getting tabs in the next stipulated update to the windows 11 operating system, now that the very first major 2022 update for it is available, PowerToys, on the other hand, will also be bringing a very useful update to see what is using your files as it seems to be slowing down your PC.

For those of you who don’t know what PowerToys is, this is an app that has a collection of tools to help you improve your laptop or PC, from putting a spotlight on your mouse in a bid to easily locate it or adding some additional tools to file explorer which is one place the latest update comes in.

Upcoming Update to PowerToys

And as per Windows latest, this upcoming update to PowerToys makes you right-click and in the context menu, choose an option to find out what exactly or which processes are making use of the file in question.

Known as the ‘File Locksmith’, this very feature could be useful if you have been coming across instances where some files have been selected and they have then slowed down the PC for a longer period of time. In an update on GitHub, a developer known as ivanstosic-janea explains the feature in more detail where a window pops up and therefore shows the processes that are making use of the file and you can ‘kill’ these processes to stop using the file.

Advantages of the New Update

This can be very useful in a host of ways as you can easily and quickly find out the reason why your PC is slowing down. And then you can stop the file in question instead of having to restart your PC entirely.

The Feature Is Still In Testing and Not Yet Available To Users

The feature at the moment is still in testing and it is therefore not available to users just yet. But in the meantime, we recommend that you install PowerToys regardless as it can easily cut down some steps when renaming a bunch of files simultaneously for instance.


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