How to Open the Emoji Keyboard on a Mac

In this article, I would be explaining How to Open the Emoji Keyboard on a Mac and switch to the character viewer for an extra symbol.

How to Open the Emoji Keyboard on a Mac

If you want to properly communicate in the modern day, you would need some emojis, sure, you could make use of the old-fashioned text-only approach, but where is the fun in that? If you just got yourself a new MacBook, and you want to start texting and tweeting immediately, let this article help you out.

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How to Open the Emoji Keyboard on a Mac

The great news is that macOS carries a very simple method for you to access all of your favorite emojis in any of the apps that you want. You can choose to organize all your emoji into favorites so that you would always have the particular emoji that you want close at all times.

Use the Menu Bar

As a Mac user, you need to know that the Mac Menu bar carries the action for the finder along with the app that you are currently making use of. This makes the menu bar the easiest way for you to remember just how to access the emoji keyboard.

  • First, select “Edit” and choose “Emoji and Symbols”
  • Then, you would see just how happy smileys, people, and animals open in one little window.

Via a Keyboard Shortcut

You can choose to make use of the Mac Keyboard shortcuts and find it easy to remember all those that you would, need, then here are some new ones for you: Command + Control + Space. The Emoji windows pop right up for you to make a selection.

Via Globe Key

Much newer Macs come with a new key in the lower left corner that is labeled with a globe or an FN. Press the “FN” key and the emoji keyboard would pop right up.

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Adjust the Keyboard Setting In other to get the Emoji Keyboard to Show Up

  • First, launch the system preferences with the icon right in your Dock or Use the “Apple” icon found in the menu bar and then select the keyboard.
  • Then, head straight to the “keyboard” tab.
  • Right on the drop-down menu right next to Press (globe key) to pick show emoji and symbols.
  • Also, you can close the system preferences and give your globe key another press. Also, you should see the emoji keyboard open right up.

How to Use the Emoji Keyboard

Once you open the emoji keyboard, make use of the tabs found at the bottom to select people, animals, food, activities, or another category. Alternatively, you can choose to enter a keyword right into the search box.

Select the emoji that you would like to use and double-click to insert it right into your document, note, or email where your cursor sits.

If you like, you can choose to drag the emoji straight from the window to your document where you want it.

In other to see the extra symbols, click on the Character viewer button located right in the top right corner of the emoji window. This displays the character viewer with categories on the left side.

Also, you can choose to insert a symbol or an Emoji right into a document or another spot the same way. Either you double-click or drag the character where you would want to place it.

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How Do I Change Emoji Colors on Mac?

Using the emoji keyboard, select and hold down the emoji you would like to change. If the color options are available, you would see a pop-up menu that carries those variations. Select the variation that you would like to make use of and it would be set as the new default for that emoji.

How Do you Type an Emoji?

You can simply click on any text field, then press “Command + Control + Space” on your keyboard. This would open a panel, and you can choose your emoji from the list. With a simple click, it would add the emoji to your text.

What CTRL is for Emojis?

With your cursor right in the spot that you want the emoji to be typed in, push ctrl+cmd+space.

How Do you Make Emojis with Alt Keys?

Press and then hold down the Alt Keys, type the Alt code value of the smiley face 1 on the numeric pad, and then release the Alt Key and you have a white smiley face.

What key is the Smiley face?

In other to insert the white smiley face, press Alt+2. But if you want the black smiley face press Alt+2.

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