Intel Arc Flagship GPU Is Expected To Drop Very Soon but Will Not Beat the RTX 3060 by Nvidia

Intel arc flagship GPU is expected to drop very soon but will not beat the RTX 3060 by Nvidia. Reports now claim that the Arc A770 and A750 desktop graphics card will be making their way to markets in a very short time from now.

Intel Arc Flagship GPU Is Expected To Drop Very Soon but Will Not Beat the RTX 3060 by Nvidia

Intel Arc Flagship GPU Is Expected To Drop Very Soon but Will Not Beat the RTX 3060 by Nvidia

Intel is now set to launch its pair of high-end Arc A7 graphics cards pretty soon. And Team Blue has already filled us in on some of the truths about these GPUs plus how their performance will look like when compared to Nvidia.

All of this is however coming from the latest interviews conducted by PC Games Hardware and Digital Foundry, also featuring Tom Peterson and Ryan Shrout of Intel as spotted by VideoCardz.

Intel Confirms the Next Alchemist Graphics Card Will Be Here Very Soon

A couple of interesting things in regards to what’s going on with Arc desktop GPUs have been shared by Intel confirming that the next alchemist graphics card to be making its way to the market are the A770 and A750 high-end offerings which are set to join the budget A380 that’s out there already will be here very soon, maybe later this month.

You should, however, know that there will be reference cards from Intel that will be available on the Team Blues site and custom boards from third-party card manufacturers will also launch at the same time. The set launch will include key countries and regions and one of them will be Germany.

And when the flagship A770 does make its debut, it will be pitched at a rough performance level that will be midway between the RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti graphics cards of Nvidia with the A750 being equivalent to the RTX 3060.

The Performance Will Vary Between Games Depending On a Variety of Factors

And as Petersen points out in the Digital Foundry interview, the type of performance that you will get will vary very much between games depending on a variety of factors with one of the factors being wonkier performance with DX11 titles, which is a much talked about a point as of late, in contrast to DX12 or Vulkan). But however, those are the rough performance guidelines to be expected on the AMD front. And by the way, we are focusing on the midway between the Radeon RX 6600 and RX 6650 XT for the A770.

Intel’s Arc GPUs Reliance on ReBAR

One other topic that was reflected on, performance-wise, is the heavy reliance of Intel’s Arc GPUs on ReBAR, Resizable BAR, which is a PCIe feature that lets the CPU get complete access to GPU memory for considerable frame rate boosts. You should also know that there is an acknowledged problem however for older PCs that lack support for ReBAR, Intel is beavering away on driver optimizations in a bid to help out with those systems, which suffer mainly from a pretty big performance loss with Arc GPUs due to missing out on that very feature.


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