How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration on Mac

In this article, I would be giving you details on how to Turn off Mouse Acceleration on Mac. There are two major methods for you to do so, which include highlighting why you might need to switch off mouse acceleration.

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration on Mac

Via the acceleration settings, you can make your mouse move a lot faster as you are moving the device at a particular speed. If you are interested in moving the mouse precisely between two points on the screen, you need to turn off acceleration.

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Why Turn off the Mouse Acceleration

The mouse acceleration would make your pointer move a lot faster, but not everyone would like to do that. And below are some reasons why you should disable the feature.

To Be More Precise When Drawing

If you use your Mac to sketch out designs, your mouse acceleration can make it hard for accuracy. Your mouse and acceleration do not compare to a stylus, but reducing it can make things easier.

Better Control

Disabling your mouse acceleration simply means that your mouse would be moving the same distance as the mouse found on your mousepad, which is better according to most people.

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Improving your Gaming Performance

If you are a gamer, and Mac is your gaming point, you would know just how important it is for you to be accurate with your shooting. Mouse acceleration can prove to be more useful if you do not feel comfortable with the default settings.

More Comfort

We are already making use of a different keyboard and mouse. If you are switching to a mac more recently, you might feel more in control once you have adjusted the mouse acceleration settings.

How to Turn Mouse Acceleration off on Mac

For you to turn off the mouse acceleration on your mac entirely, you would be required to change a command found on Mac’s terminal. With that stated follow the steps highlighted below to turn off mouse acceleration. If you are new to the terminal, you should have it in the back of your mind that you would be using it.

  • Launch the terminal from your “Applications > Utilities” folder. Also, you can find it using your launch pad or spotlight.
  • Type “defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1” into the terminal window.
  • Press enters
  • With this, your mouse acceleration would be switched off until the next time you restart your computer

How to Reduce Mouse Acceleration on Mac

If you are not comfortable making use of the terminal, or you want to adjust and reduce your mouse acceleration, there is a different method for you to try out. This way makes use of your system preferences, which is more user-friendly. The steps include:

  • Click on the Apple icon found on the menu bar
  • After that, click on System Preferences
  • Click mouse
  • Adjust the tracking speed to something that feels much more comfortable for your needs
  • Adjust your scrolling speed for a similar effect when scrolling.

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How do I Right-Click on a Mac Mouse?

Right-clicking on a Mac Mouse or trackpad can be carried out in two different ways. One of the easiest methods is for you to click using two fingers, but you can also hold control while you click for a similar effect. If the first methods fail to work, head to system preference > Trackpad > Point and Click and then turn on the secondary click.

How do you Enable Acceleration on a Mac?

Right on the left side of your window, under the settings section, click on the system selector. Under the system, locate and use hardware acceleration once it is available. Toggle the respective dial on or off in other to enable or disable hardware acceleration, respectively.

How can I Connect a Mouse to a Mac?

You can choose to do this using a Wired or a wireless mouse with your Mac. using a wired mouse, you would have to plug it right into a USB port on the computer. For a wireless, put it into pairing mode, and then head to “system preferences > Mouse” and select it when your Mac detects it.

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