The Apple Watch Is Reportedly Getting a Huge Upgrade

The Apple Watch is reportedly and quietly getting a huge upgrade, and according to the leaks, this is its biggest upgrade in years. Apple Watch Series 9 and the Ultra 2 could be a very big leap going forward.

The Apple Watch Upgrade

The Apple Watch Upgrade

The next iteration of the Apple Watch as you should know is already expected to launch in September, along with the iPhone 15 and other devices just like the last couple of years. The upgrades to the main Apple Watch series at most times are very much incremental, but a new report making the rounds claims that a new processor will give the watches of this year a really significant speed boost.

The best Apple Watches prior to now have been running at similar speeds ever since the S6 chip was launched back in 2020 with the Apple Watch Series 6. The S6 chip as you should know, along with the subsequent S7 and the S8 chipsets, have been quite based on the A13 Bionic chip of Apple that was originally created for the iPhone 11. This in question includes a crop of watches of the previous year which comprises the Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch SE 2, and Apple Watch Ultra.

However, a new report from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that the new S9 processor of the Apple Watch Series 9 will be a “significant improvement”, which is the very first meaningful processor change for the Apple Watch since the S6.

More Rumors Regarding Apple Watches for This Year

The slate of watches for this year with a new processor for the Apple Watch Series 9 and, it’s rumored, the Apple Watch Ultra 2, should make for a really interesting reveal. It is however worth noting that Gurman claims that despite the presence of an Ultra 2, no SE 3 will be revealed this year, as the best cheap Apple Watch is renewed on a two-year update cycle rather than just annually.

The new operating system that is designed with Apple Watch Series 9 in mind, watchOS 10, was revealed during the WWDC keynote speech of Apple back in June 2023. The new OS as you should know included updated cycling tools as well as metrics, a renewed emphasis on widgets, and then a new watch face, which is inclusive of an animated Snoopy one.

Apple Watch Series 8 Last Year Review

During one of the reviews of the Apple Watch Series 8 in the previous year, a renowned reviewer praised the watch in general, thus awarding it four stars in the process, all the while bemoaning the fact that it was the smallest Apple Watch upgrade in years. Apple as you should know is known for making incremental changes year-on-year, rather than just waiting a couple of years to bring out drastically new products, and we have now assumed that 2023 would be no different.

Apple Watch Series 9 Packing a More Powerful Processor

And according to Gurman, we really assumed wrong. The Apple Watch Series 9 packing a more powerful processor is excellent news, as the Watch in question needs to be keeping up with its Android rivals. Samsung just recently switched up the Snapdragon chipset in its Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 range, so it is really encouraging to see that Apple is keeping up with its rivals, rather than just resting on its laurels.



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