Apple Pay on Apple Watch – How to Set Up Apple Pay on Apple Watch

What is Apple Pay on Apple watch? Do you know that you can now have and make use of apple pay on your apple watches? If you never knew about this then you are in luck.

In this article, I will be telling of how you can set up this payment system on your apple device and how you can start making use of it. But before I go further in this article, do you know what apple pay is? This and a host of other relevant issues will be settled in the next paragraph and beyond.

Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Apple pay is a form of contactless payment system or technology. It is one of the front runners of the cashless society. With apple pay, you don’t have to carry your physical debit r credit cards with you. All you need here is your smart apple device such as the iPhone or the apple watch.

When you store your debit or credit card on this contactless payment app, you can now start making payments and in-app purchases with it. Another thing you can do with this system is that you can send and receive money with it. But this is not entirely what this article is all about.

A lot of persons know about the apple pay tool, but they don’t know that they can use it on their Apple watches. You can actually make use of this tool on your apple watch, but only if you know how to do it.

Just like apple pay on iPhone and other Apple devices, the apple app is the same as the one on the apple watch. This means that before you can start making use of it you need to set it up on your eligible Apple watch device.

How to Set Up Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Before you can set up this tool on your apple watch device you need to have an iPhone 6 device or higher and a WatchOS 5 or 6 devices in place. To do this;

  • Open the apple watch app on your iPhone.
  • Select or tap on my watch and then select wallet and apple pay.
  • You will now need to add cards to your apple pay account. If you already have debit or credit cards stored on your other Apple devices. You can tap on the add tab next to them to add and then enter the cards CVV.
  • To add another card, tap on the add card button and then follow the prompt or on-screen instructions.

Your card issuer might request or require additional steps to verify your identity. To choose a default card that you will use for all your payments and purchases, open the apple watch app on your iPhone. Tap on my watch, then wallet, and apple pay. Tap on the default card and then select the card.

How to Pay With Apple Pay via Your Apple Watch

To use this tool on your watch you need to be in a region where apple pay is available. Apple pay is not yet accessible and available in all regions of the world. Although plans are in place to get it to all regions of the world as it keeps expanding.

Now that you have set up this app on your apple watch you can now start making use of it to making online payments, store payments, and in-app payments. You can also start sending and receiving money from family and friends.

To use your apple pay to pay via your watch in stores. Double click the side button of your watch and hold the display a few centimeters away from the contactless reader.


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