Nobody is Playing Netflix Games – Stranger Things Netflix Games

So far, it seems Nobody is Playing Netflix Games. It has been quiet For Netflix so far. This streaming giant has been faced with several unexpected issues in the past months, and, based on new data concerning its gaming division, things are not likely to improve anytime soon.

Nobody is Playing Netflix Games

According to Apptopia, an app analytics company, less than one percent of Netflix’s global Fanbase is currently playing one or more of its games. Presented in far more stark terms, only 1.7 million subscribers have played a video game on Netflix ever since its gaming section was launched officially in 2021.

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Nobody is Playing Netflix Games

Netflix might be buoyed by the fact that 23.3 million people have downloaded at least one of its gaming titles within the past 9 months, a figure that makes up around 10% of its subscriber base. However, once the fans have installed the game on their device, very few are actually picking it up and playing it.

So, what is the issue with Netflix struggling to convince you and plenty of their viewers to actually play its games? Unsurprisingly, there are tons of reasons behind Netflix’s inability to persuade its subscribers to try out its video game selection.

The very first and probably the most obvious reason for you to do it is where Netflix games are available. As stated by the streamer’s own help website, users only get to play its gaming titles on mobile devices that are compatible. This means that you can only download ad play games on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (running iOS 15 or later), as well as an Android Phone or tablet (Running on Android 8.0 or later).

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Netflix’s User Base Streams

The issue here is that the vast majority of its subscribers make use of the streamer’s app on their TV. According to data sources by Finances Online, 70 percent of Netflix’s user base streams its content via the television set. Compare that to only 10 percent of users who stream the best Netflix movies and best Netflix shows via their mobile phone, and it’s obvious why Netflix is having issues with people playing their games. The deal here is, that they are not available where most subscribers have access to content on Netflix.

Furthermore, Netflix’s gaming division just doesn’t have the back catalog to entice and, more importantly, retain users that try out its basic selection of titles. At the moment, there are over 26 titles available on Netflix games but, while some of them are enjoyable to play, none of these games can be defined as “Must Play”.

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Stranger Things Netflix Games

Sure, there are some standouts among that number. Stranger Things 1984 and its sister title stranger things 3: the game is gaming tie-ins for Netflix’s wildly popular TV series, which is set to get a fifth and final season sometime in 2024. Meanwhile, the Into the Breach game is an amazing turn-based strategy game, and poinpy is one of those classic mobile games that would take up your free time.

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