Apple Arcade Fans Might Have the Controller of Their Dreams Already

Apple Arcade Fans Might Have the Controller of Their Dreams Already which is great. If you happen to be an Apple Arcade Subscriber, you might just want to have a look at PowerA’s new iPhone Controller.

Apple Arcade Fans Might Have the Controller of Their Dreams Already

The PowerA MOGA XP5-I Plus controller for iPhone devices looks to be well-suited for playing the vast Apple Arcade Library. And you can purchase it from PowerA’s Very Own store as well as Amazon for $79.99. Other regions and pricing are yet to be announced, however.

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Apple Arcade Fans Might Have the Controller of Their Dreams Already

What makes this a MOGA XP5-I Plus particularly enticing? The headline feature has to be its built-in 3,000mAh power bank. This would allow the controller to charge your phone when it is connected, keeping you quite topped for even longer gaming sessions.

The controller also happens to feature customizable button mapping, that allows you to swap around inputs based on your needs and preferences. This feature is bound to be a winning feature not just for playing the best Apple Arcade games, but also for popular mobile titles like PUBG Mobile and Apex Legends.

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Playing with Power

Well, we have all been in that position. You have just reached a pivotal boss fight while playing in a JRPG like a fantasia, or PUBG Mobile’s final circle… but your phone’s battery has other ideas. That’s something you should hope becomes a thing of the past with the MOGA XP5-I Plus’s integrated power bank.

This is actually what I feel is the PowerA controller’s crowning feature, especially for avid Apple Arcade Players. And while this isn’t the very first mobile controller to come with an in-built power bank (PowerA’s excellent MOGA XP5-X Plus featured one some year back, this is a big win for iOS device owners looking to game on the go for a much longer time.

This brings me on to what’s perhaps the MOGA XP5-I plus’s biggest drawback, though. Just as tailored for iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV 4K, you won’t be able to use it on other platforms like Android.

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PowerA Mobile Controller

Well, that is a shame, but PowerA has a solid track record of creating quality mobile controllers for several platforms. The aforementioned MOGA XP5-X Plus, for example, does work with all the best Android phones.

Still, if you happen to own an iOS device, well PowerA’s latest controller is one for you to watch. That’s especially true if you are keen on the Apple Arcade game list, Which features a lot of console-quality titles that are cut right above those that are on Apple’s App Store.

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