Samsung One UI 5 Beta Previews Just How Android 13 Would Run Your Galaxy S22

Samsung One UI 5 Beta Previews Just How Android 13 Would Run Your Galaxy S22. Just before Samsung Unpacked on August 10, the tech giant rolled out an open beta for One UI 5, that could offer the Galaxy 22 owners a nice little software upgrade.

Samsung One UI 5 Beta Previews Just How Android 13 Would Run Your Galaxy S22

One UI is Samsung’s own suite of customization software for its Galaxy smartphones. Its purpose is to, ideally, enhance the user experience available on Android phones by making the user interface a lot more appealing to look at and adding features that would make it a lot easier to use the device. Think of it as a premium version of the Android OS. One UI 5 is essentially the software suite’s fifth iteration.

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Samsung One UI 5 Beta Previews

While it seems like there aren’t that many changes or a killer feature on the One UI 5 beta, the new customization options would offer S22 owners a glimpse of just what Google’s Upcoming Android 13 would look like on Samsung devices.

The beta is only available to users in the United States, Germany, and South Korea who own a device from the Galaxy S22 series. Samsung Stated that there are plans in place to expand the beta into other regions and bring in new features via the program, but did not offer any more information.

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Clearing up the Clutter

At a glance, it seems like the One UI 5 beta has several goals set in mind. One of which is customization as seen with the 16 new color themes that is based on the phone’s wallpaper “For a More tailored Look.” There are about 12 additional color options that affect the home screen of the Phone, app icons, and quick panels.

Also, you can stack widgets that are of the same size on top of one another, which Samsung is claiming creates a more organized look. The Stacking feature does actually cut widgets in half, preventing you from seeing the entire menu, but it seems like you can scroll between them for the whole view.

Ease of access happens to be another driving factor behind the beta, as several menus have gotten reorganized. The S22 owners will, as stated by Samsung, have a much easier time adjusting their ringtone volume and vibration levels in settings. A security dashboard that has been revamped would let you know the status of the phone, complete with a security status scan button. If there is any issue that has to do with security, One UI 5 would tell you how to get it fixed.

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More New Features

The remaining changes revolve around you improving the user’s quality of life. First, there is a new magnifier feature that can enlarge the fine print in menus. A voice assistant would remain available for you to read out audio descriptions found on videos online and what you have typed on the keyboard. To add, new controls would allow you to decide which apps would send notifications and which cannot avoid clutter.

And the last major change is the new icon that appears in the Pro and Pro video mode in the camera app. Tapping this launches up a series of tips and tricks that teaches you just how to make use of specific lenses and features.

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