Intel Arc GPUs Are Reportedly Set To Be Getting a Gaming Boost

Intel Arc GPUs are reportedly set to be getting a gaming boost with just a simple driver fix. Ray tracing feature should now work well on Arc cards all thanks to an eagle-eyed driver engineer.

Intel Arc GPUs Are Reportedly Set To Be Getting a Gaming Boost

Intel Arc GPUs Are Reportedly Set To Be Getting a Gaming Boost

All it took was a single line of code to increase the ray tracing performances on Intel’s Arc alchemist GPUs all hanks to Intel graphics driver engineer Lionel Landwerlin. The development is king of a good one given to Intel’s new graphics cards floundering with performance issues and driver teething woes.

Drivers engineer Lionel describes the change as ‘like a 100x (not joking) improvement’ in the description text of his merge request for the newly written line of code. Although it kind of sounds like an hyperbole, a quick dig through the details of the request makes it clear immediately that it is not.

What This Means

Well, you have nothing to worry about as we will not get too complex with the explanation of what’s really going on here. The DG2 Alchemist GPU by Intel has been in development for quite some time now and Intel has been aiming to implement the Vulkan ray tracing abilities ever since 2020.

And as at the time that this driven wars originally written, a slight oversight from the original engineer saw the GPU draw from system memory which is the motherboard-mounted RAM instead of the local memory which is the GPUs onboard VRAM.

The Aftermath of the Result

This however resulted in a big drop in performance due to the fact that the GPU needed to communicate with the system memory in other to process ray tracing directives that introduced a level of memory latency that was sort of unacceptable. The fix which is a simple line of code that flags the local memory for the allocation of ray tracing processes simply means that performance is now at the level that it should have been for a long time now.


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