Fitbit Sense 2 and Fitbit Versa 4 Images Leaked Online

Fitbit Sense 2 and Fitbit Versa 4 images leaked online and it seems users will be saying goodbye to capacitive buttons.

Fitbit Sense 2 and Fitbit Versa 4 Images Leaked Online

Fitbit Sense 2 and Fitbit Versa 4 Images Leaked Online

Successors to both the Fitbit sense and Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatches are due to be unveiled sometime later this year. And all thanks to a series of leaked images online we already have a good idea as to what the new devices are going to be looking like.

The leaked images are courtesy of 9to5Google. And from the leaked images, one can clearly see that the new models are not all that different from the old models, but however, there are a couple of refinements in their design that are worth highlighting. That being said, we are expecting the smartwatches to be unveiled officially any time from now.

Features To Look Out For In the Wearables

The most noticeable shift in the wearables perhaps is the drift in the introduction of physical buttons in replacing the capacitive ones that are built into the casing. The latter however can be very helpful in beating the size of the device down but also they are much more difficult to operate on the wrist.

The previous Fitbit sense, the original one came with a stainless steel ring that is used to take electrocardiogram (ECG) readings and it now seems that on the Fitbit sense 2, this feature has seamlessly and neatly been fitted into the screen and casing giving a more polished aesthetic look.

Sense 2 and Fitbit Versa 4 Would Be Sticking To the Same Magnetic Charging

When it comes to charging, it seems both the sense 2 and Fitbit versa 4 would be sticking to the same magnetic charges just as their predecessors. There are slight tweaks just beneath the casing which could directly point to the introduction of new sensors. It now looks as though the GPS and the 50-meter water resistance feature will be coming to the new smartwatches.

For a while now, we have known that these new wearables are on the way but however, as suspected rumored launch never happened. The wearables now seem to be going through the normal regulatory processes now. And the Fitbit Company will want to get these smartwatches on sale just before the all-important holiday season.


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