Samsung Foldables Will Soon Be More Popular Than Galaxy Note Series

Samsung foldables will soon be more popular than the Galaxy Note series according to the company. The company just recently said this thus meaning that the foldables are no longer made for early adopters.

Samsung Foldables Galaxy Note Series

Samsung Foldables Galaxy Note Series

According to Samsung, the company really thinks that foldable phones are sneaking up on us, becoming a mainstream form factor, and they just very soon will be eclipsing one of its classic phones. Samsung’s president and head of mobile experience division TM Roh, in a chat with CNET, compared the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Flip series with the past performance of its Galaxy Note series, which was reportedly discontinued back in 2021.

“As we speak, they are almost on par,” he stated, just before adding “the expectation [is] that with the Flip and Fold 5, we will be able to finally surpass that.” Samsung however did not give an exact timescale for that very moment, but it however does expect its new fifth-generation foldable series to hit that milestone.

What This Means for the Foldable Phones Market

Surpassing sales of the Galaxy Note series is not necessarily a very high bar to leap over; after all, the Note range as you should know was discontinued for a reason. Despite having a really strong start, it never sold or did as well as the Galaxy S series, and sales on the other hand did gradually decline before its demise in the year 2021. Samsung is however presumably referring to this latter marker for its comparison of sales for the Note and foldable.

But the Note as you should know was also a big cult favorite, and it now looks increasingly like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 devices are going to inherit that very mantle. And while both devices are relatively minor upgrades over their predecessors, their collection of minor changes as you should know quite add up to a more polished experience that could get to see them go beyond being just a niche options for early adopters.

Galaxy Note Series Compared To Samsung Foldable Phones

That being said, they still have a really long way to go in contrast to standard smartphones. And according to Counterpoint, a research firm, foldable phones as you should know are still just only 5% of the worldwide premium smartphone market. With a 63% share of that very pie, though, Samsung is undoubtedly the biggest driving force in the foldable phones market, and it’s clearly determined to make sure that they don’t go the same way as the Note series did.

When compared to the Galaxy Note series, it has been a pretty slow start for foldables. The Galaxy Note 3, for instance, sold 10 million units within its first couple of two months. And by comparison, global foldable shipments in the first couple of months of this year were 2.5 million units, as per figures by Counterpoint.



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