Apple and Google to Battle Samsung’s Foldable Dominance Soon with Rumored Tablets

Apple and Google to battle Samsung’s foldable dominance soon with rumored tablets as reports claim that foldable iPads as well as pixel tablets will be making their way to markets in the year 2024.

Apple and Google Rumored Tablets

Apple and Google Rumored Tablets

Just recently Samsung put foldables in the spotlight yet again with the launch and release of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Z Flip 5. But Apple and Google on the other hand could finally be planning a coupe and something bigger as per new rumors.

A recent report from Digitimes which was picked by up 9to5Google claims that supply chain sources have now revealed that both Apple and Google are considering entering the foldable tablet market and industry, which could well happen as soon as 2024.

And according to the source of the report, Apple is very much keen to extend the work that it has put into making a foldable iPhone “to the tablet sector”. This news in question follows earlier reports from Ming-Chi Kuo, a notable Apple tipster that a foldable iPad could be launching in early 2024, with CCS Insight also predicting that the rumored folding tablet would be arriving just before an iPhone equivalent of the Z Fold series.

What It Means For Google to Go Ahead With Its Foldable Plans

The Digitimes report meanwhile claims that if Google does indeed go ahead with its foldable tablet plans, “it will be a key product for Google I/O 2024”. That really is not exactly a huge stretch, given the fact that I/O is one of the biggest events of Google, but it however does add fuel to the rumors that next year could well be the lift-off moment for foldable tablets and the industry.

And while foldable tablets do exist, you should know that the likes of the Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Gen 2 run on Windows. Recent reviews of both also found that, while they are quite impressive proofs-of-concept, these early foldable tablets also reveal that the tech needs some refinement and much lower pricing.

What This Rumor Means For The Foldable Industry and Market

The arrival of some more polished foldable tablets running iPadOS as well as Android could completely change the game altogether. And while this very new Digitimes report does not really confirm that Apple and Google definitely have folding iPads as well as Pixel tablets on their product roadmaps, it however does increasingly seem that the work of Samsung in this space and not to mention its very own rumored Galaxy Z Tab could get to push its main rivals to enter the space real soon.



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