AT&T is Reportedly Updating the Rates for Its Older Plans

AT&T is reportedly updating the rates for its older unlimited elite plans. This simply means that the price for the max bundle for example will be going up in August. That said, older unlimited elite plan subscribers should get ready or better switch to a more affordable plan or to a different carrier entirely.

AT&T is Updating Older Plans

AT&T is Updating Older Plans

AT&T at the moment is reportedly raising the rates for its older Unlimited Elite plans. The company in an email that was sent out to customers on Wednesday stated that “starting with the August bill cycle” the price of the plan will therefore increase by $2.50 per line, per month. The price hike in question was also detailed in an accompanying support page by the company.

The Unlimited Elite option which was formerly AT&T’s top unlimited plan, offered HBO Max (which is now just Max) and 40GB of hotspot data in addition to yet unlimited talk, text as well as data in the US, Mexico, Canada, and other 19 Latin American countries. It was however discontinued in the previous year and then replaced with Unlimited Premium, which reportedly dropped the bundled HBO Max but however, then added 10GB more of hotspot data.

The Reason for the New Rate Hike in Price

It was not immediately clear if the price increases of Max in the early parts of this year played a role in the new rate hike or if AT&T just planned to raise the rates on older plans that quite similarly bundle in the streaming service.

“We’re committed to the relationships we hold with our customers and being transparent is paramount; all impacted customers were notified in mid-June,” an AT&T spokesperson revealed to CNET. “We want our customers to know they have options, and should they choose to make a change, we offer other rate plans that may provide different features that better suit their needs, including getting more mobile hotspot data for the same price.”

AT&T’s Agreement with Warner Bros. Discovery 

After reportedly retiring the Unlimited Elite plan in the previous year, AT&T entered a new agreement with Warner Bros. Discovery in the previous summer to be able to offer HBO Max to the wireless and internet users of AT&T. And despite the new agreement in place, which as you should know talked about how AT&T would have “flexibility in how it delivers the service to customers,” AT&T has on its own end yet to add the streaming option back to any of its wireless plans and bundles.

The reported increase in the rate plan comes just days after AT&T started reaching out to customers in a bid to alert them that it would be lowering the discount that it offers users who pay their bills with credit cards on automatic payments.



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