You Can Now Make Your Own Custom Xbox Elite Controller

You Can Now Make Your Own Custom Xbox Elite Controller, which is great news. The Xbox controller Series 2 is handing down one of the best gaming accessories available out there. If you have been interested in getting some custom colors on it ever since the launch of the gamepad in 2019, here you have some great news.

You Can Now Make Your Own Custom Xbox Elite Controller

Microsoft finally decided to add the model to the Xbox Design Lab, meaning that you can choose to deck out in the colors that you like, and to a level that has never been available on offer before.

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You Can Now Make Your Own Custom Xbox Elite Controller

Aside that, just playing with different shades for the upper half, Microsoft stated that you can also choose to customize every external part of your controller. That includes your triggers, bumpers, D-pad (cross shaded or faceted), and thumb sticks, among other components.

You can choose to pick from eight colors for the ABXY buttons, the zipper pulls, and the top and bottom case. The paddles and the D-Pad are offering a richer selection of about 10 colors, while the thumb sticks offer a modest choice of four shades.

Buyers can choose to customize the carrying case to match the style of the gamepad. The design center allows you to selected between 24 colors for the thumbstick parts and the rest of the buttons. Also, there is an option for you to add a metallic D-pad and triggers at the back. If you have lost your inspiration, there is a bunch of design that is healthy for showcase on the official Xbox Design Lab website.

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Customization Comes at a Cost

Ever since the customization lab launched in the year 2016, users were able to pick the color of the base and the rings underneath the thumbsticks, adding a whole new level of design customizability.

Taking a cue from Apple, Microsoft is also offering a laser engraving facility a laser engraving facility that allows you to play with up to about 16 characters. The Xbox Design Lab would also let you change the color of the Xbox button, which happens to be the very first for a Elite Series controller.

This is the very first time that Microsoft allows its gamers to entirely customize its flagship controller from head to toe – but all the flexibility of the comes at quite a big price. The Xbox Elite series 2 controller costs $149 a pop, but if you are a customized interchangeable component, and you would need to part with $210.

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Custom Xbox Elite Controller Benefits

If you do not feel like spending that much on a gamepad, well, there are some benefits to selecting the Xbox Elite Wireless controller Series 2 Over the regular, more affordable Xbox Series S|X controller.

The functional benefits of the keys includes textured, rubberized grip, swappable, component, thumbsticks with adjustable tension, and a smaller hair trigger lock. As far as compatibility goes, it can be paired with a windows PC, Xbox Series X and S, and Smartphones and Xbox One Series consoles.

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