Best Mountain Bike Shoes

Your feet can be very exposed during mountain biking and they can even smash into a rock, that is why you need to get the best mountain bike shoes for protection.

Best Mountain Bike Shoes

However, these shoes protect your feet and offer comfort, speed, and more features you will enjoy. There are factors to consider when shopping for the right mountain bike shoes, what can they be?

Best Mountain Bike Shoes

There are myriad viable options out there, depending on your riding style. Whether you are looking for protection, speed, comfort, or control, there is something out there for you.

We have put together a guide to help you buy the right all-around shoe for you. Whether you ride cross-country, trail, enduro, or downhill on flat or clipless pedals, we got you covered.

Things to Consider

As I have stated, there are some factors to consider when shopping for the best mountain bike shoes. The first is the preferred riding discipline. Here are factors to look out for:


Price is not rated; good value is worth it. However, some of the highest-performing shoes are the most expensive, but this is not always the case. you need to consider the value of mountain bike shoes, you can check out scoot MTB Team boa, Giro gauge, and more that offer affordable prices.


Comfort is another thing to consider. The more comfortable your shoes are, the more comfortable and relaxed you are, and the better you can ride. However, discomfort can be a huge distraction.

So, make sure you go for a material that will bring comfort. Go for the material of the uppers, types of closures, distribution of tension over the foot, footbeds, ventilation, and protection of the feet. Go for shoes like five-ten kestrel pro boa and the ride concepts Tallac clip.

Power Transfer

Shoes are between your legs and your pedals and are one of the only three contact points between your body and the bike. This is serious contact between rider and machine, and the stiffness shows how efficiently shoes transfer your energy and power directly into your drivetrain.

However, the stiff sole and solid shoe to pedal offer a way for a rider to interpret their leg power directly into forward motion. So go for shoes with easy power transfer like the Giro Empire VR90, Sidi, and the Trace 2.

Traction and Walkability

Go for shoes that are comfortable for the bike and good for traction and walkability. This blend of on and off-bike performance is more evident in the new breed of enduro, trail, and all-mountain-oriented shoes.

However, many modern cross-country mountain bike shoes are also improving their outsole designs while offering unwavering stiffness and pedalling performance. Go for the shoe’s outsole material and tread design, they are the most significant factors in the traction provided.


Make sure the mountain bike shoe is lightweight to make you’re riding fast. Some of the lightweight shoes for mountain bikes are Giro cylinder, Giro Empire VR90, and more.


Mountain bikes and shoes are an investment, the longer they last, the greater your return is on that investment. the durability of a given pair of mountain bike shoes includes the qualified craftsmanship, the abrasion resistance of the uppers, wear or damage to the closures, and wear of the outsole material.

However, all these features stated above are needed to be in your shoes to make them last longer. You can check out Giro chamber II, Scott MTB team boa, and more.

Best Mountain Bike Shoes from Amazon

If you are looking for the right mountain bike shoes to buy right now, you below are well well-tested to choose from.

Best Mountain Bike shoes for a flat pedal – Endura Hummvee


  • Highly durable upper fabrics with perforated panels
  • Low absorbency, quick dry lining
  • Ortholite Recycled comfort footbed
  • Wild and mild lace options

This is an amazing mountain bike shoe with highly durable fabrics and perforated panels for enhanced ventilation. It also features low absorbency and quick dry lining.

In addition, the shoe comes with a stick foot grip rubber outsole that keeps your feet firmly planted on the pedals. It also has elastic lace stash that secures laces away from your crank and chain.


Best Mountain Bike Shoes for Clipless – Endura MT500 Burner


  • offset cleat box with increased longitudinal adjustment
  • Low absorbency, quick dry lining
  • EGM footbed maximizes comfort and power transfer
  • Flex profile balances stiffness and flexes for power transfer and control
  • StickyFoot Grip pedal contact areas

The MT500 Burner clipless mountain bike shoe helps you to ride with style on even the most challenging trails. It features StickyFoot drip pedal contact areas that provide a great connection with caged and clipless pedals.

Additionally, the toe and heel sections deploy stick foot dura in a tread pattern to provide a superb walking grip. Also has laces and Veloce straps to lock your feet in place.


Vans Mountain Bike Shoes


  • Good power transfer
  • Comfortable
  • Secure closure
  • Athletic styling
  • Sturdy construction

If you need vans mountain bike shoes, you are in the right place. This shoe has highly durable upper fabrics with perforated panels for enhanced ventilation.

Furthermore, the toe and heel sections deploy StickyFoot dura in an aggressive tread pattern to provide superb walking grip and durability. The shoe comes with an EGM insole which makes sure your feet remain comfortable and secure always.

These mountain bike shoe benefits from an offset cleat box with increased longitudinal adjustment. This enables a wide range of stance options.


Mountain Bike shoes SPD – SANDUGO


  • Easy to walk
  • Comfortable feel with durability
  • Easy slip-in and maximum compatibility

The MTB shoes are designed for use on mountain bike trails. The shoes keep the rider in mind and offer safety, comfort, and the ability to seek out the harshest trails without any worries about foot protection.

Plus, these shoes are designed with a stiff sole to ensure proper energy transfer as the biker pedals. It features different styles.


Shimano SH-XC5 Men’s Mountain Bike Shoes


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Sole material – faux leather, rubber
  • Excellent all-purpose

This is lightweight and rigid carbon fibre that reinforced the midsole. It is made of supple synthetic leather with perforated venting for a superior fit

However, it is an excellent shoe with all-purpose. It is walkable, clipless shoes, with more lace holes which is useful.


Five ten Hellcat Pro Mountain Bike Shoes


  • Excellent power transfer
  • Much lighter than the previous version
  • Stealth rubber soles
  • Good foot protection
  • Grippy rubber soles

The five-ten hellcat pro comes with amazing power transfer, foot protection, and off-the-bike traction with a mid-pack weight that expands the gravity shoe’s appeal to trail riders.

However, they have a stiff ¾ length TPU shank that offers excellent power transfer, and a cushioned EVA midsole to help absorb impact and vibration. The toe and heel are heavily reinforced to ward off toe-smashing rocks and protein the feet.


Best Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes – Five Ten Freerider Pro


  • It has grippy soles
  • Well-made construction
  • Great power transfer

The five ten Freerider pros is a nice mountain bike shoe for women. The benchmark for flat pedal shoes is a true all-around that looks as good as it performs. The shoe has a grippy stealth rubber sole with full dot tread that has a pedal grip and a locked-in.

However, they have passable foot protection for most elegances of riding, but they aren’t the most protective shoe. Stern downhillers who spend their time riding lifts and smashing rocks may want to look into burlier options. The shoe is best for any type of riding.


Best Mountain Bike Shoes Wide Feet

For those with wide feet, there are a lot of nice shoes to shop for your ride. These mountain bike shoes will make you feel comfortable with stress and they offer speed in riding.

Additionally, it features sturdy construction, easy to lace, durability, comfort, and many more. they are worth buying and also affordable.



With a lot of options to choose from, I hope you find your choice. You can as well share this post with your loved ones and friends whom you know will benefit from this post.



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