Best AT&T Phone Deals in January 2022

Are you in search of the best AT&T phone deals in January 2022? AT&T phone deals can prevent loads of dollars in your subsequent phone purchase. Plus, with January sales in complete effect, now is the best time to shop around for cheap AT&T phone offers on your favorite mobiles.

Best AT&T Phone Deals in January 2022

After all, AT&T is one of the best phone providers supplying a strong 5G network and extensive types of smartphones. So, we are rounding up the best AT&T phone deals you can get today. Read on to find out.

Best AT&T Phone Deals in January 2022

AT&T continually has an amazing mix of offers up its sleeve. These consist of discounts on smartphones and different tech products, numerous bundles, and more. right now, you may even get offers on AT&T’s new TV service.

Whether you are team android or trying to shop at the modern-day iPhone. You will find out the best reasonably-priced AT&T phone offers right now. Ensure you read our guide to the best AT&T phone deals in January 2022.

iPhone AT&T Phone Deals

iPhone 13 Pro Max: Up To $800 Off At AT&T

New and existing AT&T subscribers can get up to $800 off the iPhone 13 Pro and/or iPhone 13 Pro Max with a trade-in and an AT&T Unlimited Plan. It’s one of the best AT&T deals we’ve seen for Apple’s iPhone. We also like that it applies to both new and current subscribers.

iPhone 13: Free W/ Trade-In + Unlimited At AT&T

AT&T is offering new and existing customers the iPhone 13 for free after an eligible trade-in. You will need to purchase your phone through a monthly installment plan and you will also need to sign up for an unlimited data plan.

iPhone 12 Mini: Free W/ Trade-In + New Line At AT&T

New and existing customers can get the iPhone 12 mini purple for free with trade-in of an old phone and the opening of a new Unlimited plan. That’s the best offer we’ve seen for Apple’s newest phone from AT&T.

Android AT&T Phone Deals

Google Pixel 6: Free W/ Trade-In At AT&T

AT&T has some solid Pixel 6 discounts. Currently, the carrier is offering the Pixel 6 for free with an eligible trade-in. The deal is available for new and existing members. Additionally, AT&T customers who buy a Pixel 6 Pro can get up to $800 off with trade-in.

Galaxy Z Fold 3: Up To $800 Off W/ Trade-In At AT&T

AT&T phone deals are already chopping up to $800 off Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 when you trade in your old phone and buy the Galaxy Z Fold 3 on an Unlimited Plan. The deal is for new and existing customers.

Samsung Galaxy A12: $1/Month At AT&T

AT&T cell phone deals rarely get cheaper than this. For a limited time, customers can get the Samsung Galaxy A12 for just $1/month at AT&T. This offer is valid for new and existing members. To get the promo price you will need to open an installment plan and pick an unlimited plan.


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