How to Buy Stocks – What are the Best Stocks for Beginners?

How to buy stocks is not really a problem that is worth your worry. This is because it cost little or nothing to get this information. However, you should count yourself lucky, because, in this article, we will be telling you how to buy a stock from either a public or a private company.

How to Buy Stocks

Notwithstanding, we will also be educating you on what a stock is and the benefits that come with owning stock in an organization. Well, if you really want to get full detail about this, do well, to keep reading.

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How to Buy Stocks

To buy s stock you will be needing the help of a stockbroker. This is because you can not call a stock exchange directly, hence, the usefulness of a stock broker can not be over-emphasized.

When you use a stockbroker, either online or in person, you can choose the investment that you wish to buy or sell and the trade should be headed by him or her. Below are steps to consider when your want to buy stork:

  • Open an account to buy stork.
  • Choose your online broker.
  • Research and analyze stocks to buy.
  • Get to know how much you can invest.
  • When that is done, you then have to place a trade.
  • The next thing to do is to track your stock. This is after you must have bought it.

Follow the above process to buy your stock.

What is Stock

A stock simply means ownership in a publicly or a privately traded company. Furthermore, it is a security that shows the ownership of a fraction of the issuing corporation. However, when you get a share in a particular company, you become a brand owner of the company. This simply means you will automatically become a part of the company and equally get paid for every sale made.

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Who is a Stock Broker

Stockbrokers are professionals or individuals who buy and sell stocks and other securities for retail and institution clients. Hence, you will not be wrong to say, that they stand as middlemen.

Companies or individuals who want to sell their stock need the help of a broker to help them sell it and those who want to buy, need a broker to help them sell. So, buying and selling stock will not be effective without a broker.

Are Shares and Stock the Same?

Over time, shares and stocks have been misunderstood. This is because it sounds similar and most time people think the share is the same as the stock (they are actually the same). However, shares are subunits of stock. A stock is a group or a collection of shares. Hence, a share is a unit of stock. However, when you want to buy a share, it is considered as buying a stock unit, same with a stock.

How to Know When to Sell a Stock

Having knowledge of when to sell your stock and when want to hold back sales, makes you far ahead of your competitors when it comes to the exchange market. However, it is a good idea to hold onto a good company through thick and thin, rebalancing your portfolio at least once a year can help ensure that your investments remain in line with your financial goals. When you come in contact with a good company that profits you, selling stock would not be the best option.

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 What to Beware of Before Selling your Shares

Are you having it in mind to sell your stock? Well, if that is true, you should take some certain protection guides. As you track your stocks along with the performance of a company you invested in, you have to beware of cashing out too soon.

The money you invest in individual stocks should be money you are comfortable having tied up for at least the next five years. Furthermore, to maximize your returns, your best bet is to hold the long term, mostly during times of volatility.

What are the Best Stocks for Beginners?

There is no single best stock which is why many financial advisors advocate investing in low-cost funds. Notwithstanding, if you want to add a few individuals’ stocks to your portfolio as a beginner, you will want to consider blue chip stocks. Hence, as a beginner, you are to make research the type of shares that, you are to buy.

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What is the Right Time to Buy Stocks?

The period after any correction or crash has historically been a great time for investors to buy at a bargain price. If stock prices are oversold, investors can decide whether they are on sale and likely to rise in the future.

Hence, coming to a single stock target is not that important. Like early market trading, the hour before market close from 3 pm to 4 pm is one of the best times to buy and sell stock.

How do you Make Money in Stock?

The primary reason that investors own stock is to earn a return on their investment. That return generally comes in two possible ways. The stock prices appreciate, which means it goes up. You can then sell the stock for a profit if you like. Hence, you should always want to ensure, that stock in the market has increased before selling yours.

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What Day is Best to Buy Stocks?

Well, going to the market to buy a stock is not the issue, but going to buy on the right days. The best days for trading are “Mondays”. This is also known as the Monday effect or the “the weekend effect”. The Monday effect is a theory suggesting that the returns of stocks and market movements on Mondays are similar to those from the previous Friday.

What Stock Should I Sell First?

Shares with the lowest cost basis are sold first. Hence, the holding period shares do not matter. Shares with a long-term holding period are sold first, beginning with those with the lowest cost basis. Then, shares with a short-term holding period are sold, beginning with the lowest cost basis.

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How do you Know When a Stock will go up?

If you want to know when a stock will go up you will need the best indicator of the stock’s fair price when the fair price of a stock is below its current price, the stock has a good possibility to go up in time to come. Hence, for every beginner and professional, you will be needing this as the right tool.



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