How to Turn Your MacBook into An Emergency Wi-Fi Hotspot

Are you interested in How to Turn Your Old MacBook into An Emergency Wi-Fi Hotspot? If you have heard the term Wi-fi Hotspots before, the best chance is that you are familiar with making use of your smartphone as one.

How to Turn Your MacBook into An Emergency Wi-Fi Hotspot

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How to Turn Your Old MacBook into An Emergency Wi-Fi Hotspot

These spontaneous internet setups can turn out to be a major help when you find yourself needing an internet connection for your laptop when there isn’t one – or at least not one that you have access to available. They might not be very necessary if you are in possession of a great wireless internet connection at home, but they turn out to work just fine when you get yourself in the internet-deficient territory.

The point of a Wi-fi Hotspot is for you to open up your cellular data connection to other devices. It would allow you to control when the connection is active and who can connect but any online activity would be counted towards your data plan’s limits, that is if you have one. Have it at the back of your mind if you have to upload or download a lot of data because extending beyond your plan’s limits could lead to slower performance or additional fees being tacked onto your cellular bill at the end of the month.

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What You Required to Make Use of a MacBook As a Wi-Fi hotspot

Turning on your MacBook right into a Wi-Fi hotspot is not that difficult, but there is more to it than just clicking on a Button. Your MacBook would require a MacOS 10.6 Snow Leopard at least, as that is when Apple started including internet sharing options.

You also get to make sure that your MacBook can access the available internet connection, whether that means having the necessary ethernet connection, whether it means you have the necessary ethernet connections or knowing the access password. After all, this feature would not do you any Good if you cannot get online, to begin with.

Lastly, you might want to take some additional steps for you to secure your connection. If you are expecting to send or receive sensitive details, consider setting up your VPN to better protect your online privacy. At least, it is highly recommended that when you are setting up your shared internet connection, you get to choose more secure options Like WPA2or WPA3.

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How to set up a MacBook Wi-Fi hotspot

The first step to follow to get your MacBook to work as a Wi-Fi hotspot is for you to enable internet sharing in macOS. The process might differ a little bit depending on the version of macOS that you are making use of, but for the most part, it works like this:

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Click on Sharing > Internet Sharing.
  • Select the proper source device Right under “Share your connection from.”
  • Select Just how you want to share in the “To computers using” section.

Where things got more nuanced is when you are deciding how you want to share your connection. If you want to share your Wi-Fi, when you get to step 3, you would want to select Ethernet instead, then choose Wi-Fi for Step 4. After that, launch Wi-Fi options to get your connection details, then select start to begin sharing your connection.

If you are making use of a Wi-Fi Adapter, you would want to get it configured first, then select the Wifi adapter in step 3. The remaining process is the same as it is for a regular Wi-Fi Setup.

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