Hisense Unveils 100-inch TV for $3,000

Hisense unveils a 100-inch TV for $3,000 just in time for the big game and shoppers cannot be excited enough. This extra-large display as you should know joins the i00-inch higher-performance model from the company which will reportedly be restocked in the coming month.

Hisense 100-inch TV for $3,000

Hisense 100-inch TV for $3,000

Are you in search of a grand-scale TV for the upcoming big game? Hisense has recently unveiled its latest offering, the U76N, a 100-inch behemoth, shortly after its announcement at CES 2024. Now available for purchase, the Hisense U76N is priced at $3,000, presenting a more wallet-friendly option for those seeking extra-large TVs, especially when compared to high-end alternatives from brands like Samsung.

While the U76N is competitively priced, it’s not the cheapest in its category. For instance, TCL’s 98-inch S4 model retails at $2,000, undercutting Hisense’s price. Both TVs feature the Google TV smart system, offering a range of convenient, user-friendly functionalities.

However, the Hisense U76N stands out with its advanced QLED technology and full-array local dimming – features not found in the TCL S4. These specifications suggest a superior image quality for the U76N, potentially making it the better choice for those prioritizing display performance.

Specs and Features

Although we haven’t conducted hands-on reviews of these models, the Hisense U76N, with its cutting-edge display technologies, is poised to deliver a more vibrant and detailed viewing experience. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to elevate their home entertainment setup, especially for significant events like the big game, where a large, high-quality screen can make all the difference.

Our review of Hisense’s higher-end U8K series, which also features a 100-inch model, provides insights into the brand’s approach to large-scale TVs. The U8K series is distinguished by its use of mini-LED technology, a feature absent in the newly released U76N. Our evaluation of the U8K highlighted its exceptional image quality, attributable in large part to the enhanced brightness capabilities offered by mini-LED technology.

While the 100-inch U8K model has been temporarily unavailable, Hisense has indicated that it will be restocked at Best Buy in February. The U8K, when available, was priced at $4,000, positioning it as a higher-end option compared to the newly introduced U76N.

Why You Should Not Miss Out On This Deal and Offer

In light of its features, the Hisense U76N appears to offer a balance between price and performance, situating itself between the premium U8K and the more budget-friendly TCL S4. While it does not boast the mini-LED technology of the U8K, the U76N still offers advanced features like QLED technology and full-array local dimming, potentially providing better image quality than the TCL S4.

Priced at $3,000, the U76N emerges as a viable option for those seeking a large-screen TV experience at a somewhat moderate price point, especially considering the higher cost of the U8K and the more basic features of the TCL S4.



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