Samsung’s Latest Monitor Has a Pop-Up Webcam with Windows Hello Support

So you want to know about the Samsung’s Latest Monitor whether it has a Pop-Up Webcam with Windows Hello Support, then this article is for you. Well according to THEVERGE, Samsung’s Webcam Monitor S4 comes with all the work-from-home accessories you could need built right in.

Samsung’s Latest Monitor Has a Pop-Up Webcam with Windows Hello Support

It’s got 2W stereo speakers for listening to associates, an HD webcam so they can see you, a microphone so they can hear you, and a USB hub to cut down on the amount of ports needed on a laptop or desktop. The monitor is available now in the U.S., Samsung says.

The 24-inch, 1080p monitor’s built-in webcam is skillfully joined, with a pop-up design that keeps things looking orderly when you’re not on video calls. As an addition, the design doubles as a privacy shutter for the webcam to help avert unplanned or unexpected appearances on camera.

It’s not automated like on many phones. Instead, the webcam is revealed by “pushing it down into the monitor to make it spring up,” Samsung says. The webcam is Windows Hello certified, meaning it can scan faces to allow quick logins to apps, websites, and Windows itself.

Samsung’s Latest Monitor Has a Pop-Up Webcam with Windows Hello Support

Still on the topic of the Samsung’s Latest Monitor Has a Pop-Up Webcam with Windows Hello Support. To round out the specs is a stand that’s height-adjustable, and which can be tilted, swivelled, and pivoted. The monitor is also VESA compatible to let it work with monitor arms or other stands.

Ports include HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, and its refresh rate tops out at 75Hz. As well as the US, the Webcam Monitor S4 is also releasing in Europe, South Korea, and South East Asia.

Features That Samsung Webcam Monitor S4 Have

In relation to this launch, Mark Quiroz, the VP of Marketing for the Display Division said that “With many adjusting to long-term hybrid work and learning environments, Samsung is introducing its first webcam monitor”. In addition to this, he mentioned that this is to make life easier for those often on video calls or multitasking

Whilst talking about the monitor, he added that “thanks to the webcam at the top of the screen, users can join a video conference, take an online class or attend a virtual event all from the same monitor.”

In terms of specifications, the monitor can display content at Full HD resolution with a vertical wide and horizontal viewing angle of 178-degrees.

There is a 2MP front camera in a pop-up module with Windows Hello, allowing the user to secure their data without relying on just a password.

Besides this, connectivity options on the Samsung Webcam Monitor S4 include DP, D-Sub, HDMI ad Audio Out, so users can connect other tools to the display. You can get more details from this link.


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