Helen Keller Day – How to Celebrate Helen Keller Day

Helen Keller Day is an annual commemorative holiday celebrated on June 27 in honor of Helen Keller. The holiday was established through a presidential proclamation in 2006 and it is known by international organizations that help the visually and hearing impaired. This holiday is generally known for its annual fashion show, held on June 27, which raises funds for the cause.

Helen Keller Day

Helen Keller Day

Helen Keller Day is recognized not only by government organizations but also by private ones. The Lions Club International has also declared the holiday on June 1 every year since 1971 to celebrate the speech made by Keller on June 30, 1925, to raise awareness about the American Foundation for the Blind. This day is also observed globally through the Blind Association and other international organizations that assist people with visual impairments. Also, on June 27, every year, a fashion show is held as a fundraiser in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

History of Helen Keller Day

Helen Keller Day is usually celebrated on the 27th of June and it is to honour the life and achievements of this lady. Helen Keller was given birth to in 1880, and she became deaf and blind at a young age because of an illness. However, irrespective of the challenges she faced, she became a very popular author, lecturer, and political activist. She also advocates for those with disabilities and contributes to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Therefore, this day is dedicated to recognizing her efforts to fight for the rights of those who have disabilities, her help in co-founding the ACLU, and the process through which she overcame personal obstacles. On this day, awareness is created about the abilities and potential of those people who are disabled, and to keep on fighting for their rights and inclusion in society. Her story is proof of the power of determination and the human spirit in the face of adversity.

How to Celebrate Helen Keller Day

To celebrate Helen Keller Day, you can do the following:

  • You can practice braille. There are online websites that have materials and resources to help you practice.
  • You can read her book and learn how she did the impossible in her own words.
  • Also, you can make donations in her honor to help those with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Helen Keller Day?

Helen Keller Day is on the 27th of June and it is celebrated every year. This day is observed to celebrate the birthday of Helen Keller, born on the 27th of June, 1880. On this day, awareness is created about the challenges disabled people face, and also to honor her accomplishments.

What is Helen Keller known for?

Helen Keller is known for her victory over the limitations that follow deafness and blindness. She is also recognized as one of the twentieth-century leading advocates for people with disabilities.

Was Helen Keller Able to Speak?

Helen Keller was determined to communicate with others conventionally. Therefore, he learned to speak and devoted much of her life to giving speeches and lectures on various aspects of her life. She also learned the Tadoma method, which involved using her fingers to feel the speaker’s lips and throat to understand their speech.

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