Grants Program for Public Diplomacy in Samoa | How to Apply Now

The Grants Program for Public Diplomacy in Samoa application is out. Public Diplomacy plays a crucial role in fostering international relations and cultural understanding. The Public Diplomacy Grants Program in Samoa serves as a testament to the significance of cultural exchange, educational initiatives, and collaborative projects.

Grants Program for Public Diplomacy in Samoa
Grants Program for Public Diplomacy in Samoa

In strengthening ties between nations. Here’s an overview of this program, including its objectives, eligibility criteria, application process, and potential impact.


The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2024.

Objectives of the Public Diplomacy Grants Program

They include:

  • Cultural Exchange: Encouraging activities like performances, exhibitions, and events that foster understanding between Samoa and other nations.
  • Educational Partnerships: Promoting collaboration between Samoan and international institutions to enhance academic ties and skills development.
  • Community Outreach: Supporting projects addressing common challenges and promoting sustainable development within local communities.
  • Shared Values Promotion: Reinforcing shared values such as democracy, human rights, and social inclusion between Samoa and other countries.
  • Strengthen Cooperation: Enhance collaboration on global issues like climate change, Indo-Pacific security, and diversity and inclusion between the U.S. and Samoa.
  • Promote Tech and Innovation: Highlight the mutual benefits of technology and innovation.
  • Build Connections: Foster stronger connections among the people of the United States, Samoa, and potentially the broader Pacific Island region if inclusive of Samoa.

Inclusive Elements:

  • All programs must include an element promoting increased understanding of the United States, covering U.S. policy, people, culture, or perspectives.

Grant Program Focus Areas

The areas of focus for these Grant Programs are as follows:

  • Understanding Enhancement: Programs explaining U.S. policies, culture, and values to Samoan audiences, fostering positive bilateral relations and strengthening connections based on shared values and heritage.
  • Environmental Initiatives: Programs supporting environmental issues like climate change mitigation, food security, biodiversity sustainability, blue/green technology, and engaging youth.
  • Global Security Partnerships: Programs supporting regional issues such as security, cybersecurity, non-proliferation, combating transnational crime, global health responses, addressing misinformation, multilateral cooperation, stability in the Indo-Pacific, human rights, and a rules-based order.
  • Economic Development Connections: Programs supporting economic connections, including COVID recovery, the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, the digital economy, trade diversification, innovation, and regional economic stability and security.
  • Cultural Connections: Programs promoting cross-cultural connections, including diversity, equality, inclusion, accessibility, supporting underrepresented communities, human rights, shared democratic values, education, exchange opportunities, and countering misinformation.

Funding Amount

Available funds: $50,000

Award range: $500.00 to $25,000.00

Expected project start: December 1, 2023

Performance period: Up to 24 months

Anticipated awards: The number of awards depends on requested funding amounts.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Public Diplomacy Grants Program in Samoa may include:

  • Organizations and Institutions: Eligibility is often extended to a range of organizations, including universities, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other entities involved in cultural exchange, education, and community development.
  • Government Collaboration: Projects that involve collaboration with government entities in Samoa may be favoured, aligning initiatives with national priorities and policies.
  • Alignment with Program Objectives: Applicants are usually required to demonstrate how their projects align with the specific objectives of the Public Diplomacy Grants Program. This may involve emphasizing cultural exchange, educational partnerships, and community outreach.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Organizations listed on the Excluded Parties List System in SAM are ineligible.
  • Approved SOIs require a valid Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number (formerly DUNS) and an active registration for final grant approval and funding. Individuals do not need a UEI (DUNS) number or registration.

Application Process

Applying for the Public Diplomacy Grants Program usually involves the following steps:

  • Review Guidelines: Thoroughly review the program guidelines provided by the granting authority. Understand the specific focus areas, eligibility requirements, and application procedures.
  • Project Proposal: Develop a clear and comprehensive project proposal that outlines the objectives, methodology, expected outcomes, and potential impact of the proposed initiative.
  • Budget Planning: Provide a detailed budget indicating how the grant funds will be utilized. This ensures transparency and accountability in the use of resources.
  • Submission: Follow the specified submission instructions and deadlines. Submission channels may include online platforms or designated email addresses.
  • Evaluation and Selection: A thorough evaluation process will assess the alignment of proposals with program objectives. Successful projects are selected based on their potential to contribute to cultural understanding and collaboration.

Documentation and Requirements

To apply for this grant send your project and budget Statement of Interest (SOI) to ( and (

SOI (10 pages maximum): The SOI should include:

  • Project Summary: Short narrative outlining project objectives and anticipated impact.
  • Requested amount: Specify the funding amount you are requesting.
  • Introduction to the Organization or Individual applying: Description of past and present operations, demonstrating the ability to carry out the project, including information on previous grants.
  • Problem Statement: Clear, concise statement of the problem to be addressed and why the proposed project is needed.
  • Project Goals and Objectives: Goals describe what the project aims to achieve, while objectives refer to intermediate accomplishments.
  • Project Activities: Describe how the project activities will help achieve the objectives.
  • Project Budget: Detailed budget for the project.
  • Program Methods and Design: Description of how the project is expected to solve the stated problem and achieve the goal.
  • Proposed Project Schedule: Timeline for project activities.
  • Key Personnel: Names, titles, roles, and experience/qualifications of key personnel involved in the project.
  • Project Partners: List names and types of involvement of key partner organizations and sub-awardees.
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation Plan: Plan for monitoring activities and evaluating the program throughout the federal award timeframe.
  • Future Funding or Sustainability: Applicant’s plan for continuing the program beyond the award period or the availability of other resources.

Mandatory Documents after Favorable SOI Review

  • Application forms (provided by U.S. Embassy POC)
  • SF-424 (for organizations) or SF-424-I (for individuals)
  • SF424A (for organizations)
  • SF424B
  • Summary Coversheet
  • Budget Justification Narrative
  • Attachments: 1-page CV, letters of support from partners, official permission letters if required.

Required Registrations:

  • gov registration (generates UEI)

Potential Impact

The Public Diplomacy Grants Program holds the potential for significant positive impacts, including:

  • Enhanced Cultural Understanding: Cultural exchange initiatives foster a deeper appreciation of diversity, leading to stronger connections and friendships between nations.
  • Educational Advancement: Collaborative educational projects contribute to the development of skills and knowledge, benefiting individuals and institutions involved.
  • Community Development: Community-focused projects address local challenges and promote sustainable development, creating a positive impact on society.
  • Strengthened International Relations: By reinforcing shared values and goals, the program contributes to the strengthening of diplomatic ties between Samoa and other participating nations.


The Public Diplomacy Grants Program in Samoa is a significant platform dedicated to fostering cultural exchange, education, and community development globally. By encouraging collaboration, this program exemplifies the essence of public diplomacy, fostering connections and cooperation among nations.



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