Google Reportedly Loses Out On a Gender Bias Lawsuit

Google reportedly loses out on a gender bias lawsuit. A female Google Cloud executive, Ulku Rowe reportedly accused the tech company of giving higher pay to less-experienced male colleagues.

Google Loses Out On a Lawsuit

Google Loses Out On a Lawsuit

A jury has now found Google guilty of sexual discrimination and then awarded female Google Cloud executive Ulku Rowe, who reportedly filed the complaint in question, $1.1 million. The lawsuit of Rowe alleged that the tech company gave higher pay to less-experienced male cohorts and that it even later denied her promotions in retaliation for her eventual complaints, which were both internal and then later in court.

How the Jury in Regards to the Lawsuit Ruled

According to Bloomberg Law reports the jury in question in regard to the case ruled that Google owes Rowe for both punitive damages as well as pain and suffering. Rowe has stated before the trial kicked off that her time at Google was “overshadowed by what I believe are unfair compensation and treatment due to my gender.” She also alleged that, after the firm passed her over for a promotion to vice president that was reportedly given to a man who had neither applied nor was even qualified and she filed her lawsuit, the firm again reportedly denied her another similar promotion.

What Attorney Cara Green Of Outten & Golden Has To Say about the Case

Attorney Cara Green of Outten & Golden in an email that was sent to The Verge, stated that the “unanimous verdict not only validates Ms. Rowe’s allegations of mistreatment by Google,” but that it also sends a message that “discrimination and retaliation will not be tolerated in the workplace.”

Green reportedly credited “the efforts of thousands of Googlers who walked out in 2018 and demanded reforms.” More than 20,000 Google employees as well as contractors reportedly staged a walk-out protest that very year after a New York Times investigation showed that the firm had given Android co-founder $90 million as he left the company at the time over sexual assault allegations.



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