Ghostbusters VR – Ghostbuster VR Interesting Offers

We have gotten quite spoilt when it comes to Ghostbusters games lately. We would be receiving Spirits unleashed, an asymmetric 4v1 multiplayer game where one of you gets to play as the ghost, and soon, the Ghostbusters VR would be arriving.

Ghostbusters VR

Revealed as that classic “One last thing” teased during the meta–Gaming Showcase that took place this year, we do not have a lot to go on at the moment beyond a cinematic teaser trailer. Arriving on the Oculus Quest, the game is set in San Francisco with a new team, trapping ghosts alone with three friends for the campaign co-op. at the moment, there is no gameplay footage, but the premise at least has me cautiously optimistic.

Ghostbuster VR Could be what We Dreamed of 

According to TechRadar, They said cautiously mainly because I’m not forgetting Sony’s previous venture, Ghostbusters VR: Firehouse and Showdown, back in the year 2018. Critical reviews and the fans hated it, calling it too short, overpriced, and pointing out the game’s limited interactivity. Not uncommon criticisms for early VR games, but if you are interested in testing it for yourself… you cannot. It has been delisted from all digital stores with no physical copies available for grabs, so it’s lost forever.

Well, I have a good feeling that Ghostbusters VR would be more successful this time around. To begin with, the games are being developed by nDreams, the company that gave us Fracked on PSVR last year. Secondly, modern VR technology has made significant strides ever since those formative years, I’m not oblivious to where VR could improve; motion sickness and accessibility remain significant barriers to entry, but there are tons of areas where VR excels.

Ghostbuster VR Interesting Offers

Much of Ghostbusters VR’s promises to come down to the tech, of course, and VR’s biggest strength has always been immersion. All thanks to the head-Mounted Display (HMD), we would not only get to watch the action happen on TV or a monitor but we are also placed directly inside a game’s world. Factor in motion controls for capturing ghosts too and we could finally feel like we are part of the action that played out in the films, at least potentially.

Just by placing us directly into the shoes of your very own original Ghostbuster, nDream’s upcoming adaptation might just bridge the gap that’s inevitable when viewing 2D content. After all, how many of us dreamed of being Ghostbusters as kids? Nostalgia often gets exploited in modern gaming but if nDreams pulls it off, this could actually be special for us all.

Could there Be a PSVR 2 Release?

At the moment, Ghostbusters VR has only been confirmed for the Meta Quest 2, which is not a  surprise to use as Meta is taking over the space at the moment. There is no word concerning if PC or PlayStation VR 2 would get ports. And let’s just face it, the original PSVR is too old hat to be in consideration. However, with Sony pictures virtual reality publishing Ghostbusters, a PSVR 2 release does not seem likely. Quality issues aside, Ghostbusters: Firehouse and Showdown previously appeared on PSVR and PC, so we certainly would not rule Ghostbusters VR out.

Just imagine if it launches alongside Horizon Call of the Mountain? For more casual players who perhaps don’t know VR that well, but are familiar with much broader IP, it would definitely come as an appealing proposition. Factor in other rumored games like Half-Life: Alyx and Among Us, VR, and Sony could be on to a serious winner.

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