WhatsApp Betas for Android Comes with Update for Content Quality Improvement

WhatsApp Betas for Android Comes with Update for video and image quality. All Android users of the very famous WhatsApp have a couple of updates to be looking forward to. The updates at the moment are in beta and have been submitted to Google Play Beta Program. The app hopes from in the first update that was submitted at the starting of the month.

WhatsApp Betas for Android Comes with Update

WhatsApp Betas for Android Comes with Update

This major change in this version of the update is the option that allows you to select video quality. The update is at the moment under development and would be further rolled out widely to a lot of users in the coming months. Currently, the feature is not available since it is still in the development stage.

WhatsApp Beta Image and Video quality Improvement

The video quality update is something that most users making use of the app has been looking forward to for quite some time now. And, it would allow them to select the video quality that they want to upload.

Users would be offered the opportunity to either allow the app to choose a video quality right under the Auto mode, or they get to choose the best quality of data saver modes. Normally, the data saver mode would get the user’s video quality that a poor compared to the best quality and would provide small sizes that are much easier to get uploaded.

Another WhatsApp beta also has been submitted under version This version of WhatsApp would offer more interesting improvements in image quality. And, it is at the moment under development. Since it is also in beta, end-users would not see the feature at the moment. Like the update for video quality, photo quality adds auto, best quality, and data saver options for uploaded photos.

How WhatsApp Beta Works for Android

The update would be accommodated by some caveats, and Auto is recommended. The best quality Photos would be much larger and might require more time to send and download. Data saver images would be a lot smaller and faster to send but lack quality when compared to other settings. There is no clear indication of when features might exit beta and be available for users right in the current stable version for the app.


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