Get a Lifetime Subscription to 1TB of Cloud Storage for Only $120

Get a lifetime subscription to 1TB of cloud storage for only $120 today. You can get your hands on 1 terabyte of cloud storage for life and get to pay only $120 with this coupon code on this post.

Get a Lifetime Subscription of Cloud Storage

Get a Lifetime Subscription of Cloud Storage

You really can never have too much when it comes to storage; it is just a fact of life in general. No matter how much it is that you have, you will always run out eventually. This is one reason why cloud storage can be so handy, just because it is always there no matter how much spare space that you have on your computer.

This is the ultimate in data portability as well, very much perfect for those times when it is that you need a file from another computer or your phone and then need an easy way to transfer it, cloud storage can just be the answer, and that is just before we tell you that you can now snag a 1 terabyte of Koofr cloud storage, for life, for just $120.

Why You Should Not Miss Out On This Deal

That price in question sounds low, yes, and it is. You would normally have to pay over $800 to get your hands on this type of cloud storage, but if it is that you get to order now and then enter the discount code KOOFR when reportedly checking out and you will get to save $690 immediately.

You can save a ton load of files online when you have 1TB of storage to mess around with. Whether it is that you are saving photos, videos, or something very much boring like your tax documentation, it’s all safe and sound. Koofr in case you don’t know is private and secure and there really is no file size limit to get in the way, either.

Benefits and Perks to Enjoy From This Deal

Still need a reason to get in on this deal? How about the included tool that can effectively help you to find and take down duplicate files to help you save space? Or is it the advanced tools for batch file-renaming or the built-in encryption? All of that, and many more besides, for only $120. But only while this offer is still running and assuming that you remember to enter the code KOOFR when you are checking out.

If it is that you want to keep your files online for whatever reason known to you, and you have less than 1TB of them, this lifetime Koofr cloud storage deal in question could well be the answer that you have been looking for.



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