Microsoft Announces a Black Xbox Series S with 1TB of Storage

Microsoft announces a black Xbox series S with 1TB of storage for a reported fee of $349. The Xbox Series S in question originally shipped in white color with just 512 GB of storage.

Microsoft Black Xbox Series S

Microsoft Black Xbox Series S

Microsoft has just recently announced a new black version of the Xbox Series S with 1TB of built-in storage at the just-held Xbox Games Showcase event. Very little has changed here since the original Xbox Series S, apart from a new black paint job as well as more storage inside. Microsoft is reportedly set to launch the 1TB black Xbox Series S on September 1st and it will be priced at $349. And with that being said, you should know that pre-orders start today.

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer Announced the Carbon Black Xbox Series S

The carbon black Xbox Series S in question was announced on stage by Xbox chief Phil Spencer, who also made mentioned that the company has also increased its shipments of Xbox Series X in a bid to meet up with demand.

The Xbox Series S originally was launched at $299 with just 512GB of storage, so this new bump to 1TB is a very much welcomed development. This new development comes just days after Western Digital announced its very own 512GB and 1TB Xbox storage expansion cards, which is a much-needed accessory for owners of Xbox Series S. Western Digital’s cards kicks off at $79.99 for 512GB of additional storage.

Price and Availability

The $349 pricing of Microsoft simply means that you are paying an extra $50 for the 512GB of storage on the black Xbox Series S model. Microsoft has however stated that this new Xbox Series S variant will only be available on September 1st, which is just in time for the fall releases of Starfield and Forza Motorsport.

How Much Storage Is On the Newly Announced Xbox Series S Black

If you have been following me on this post, then you should know the answer to the above question. Well if you are just joining us, then here is the answer that you are looking for. The Xbox Series S initially launched at $299 with just 512GB of storage. This means that the 1TB storage will be a very welcome development and the price as you should know will not be the same as before due to the storage bump.

How Many Games Can 1Tb of Storage Hold

Typically, a 1TB storage hard disk device can store up to 6 or even 7 modern AAA PC games with all of the DLC and updates installed in it since these games in question at most times require 150G or even more disk space. You will however be able to store 100-300 smaller indie games just because they average just 1-3 G of disk space.



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