3 Days Left To Get a Lifetime Microsoft Office 2021 License for Just $30

3 Days left to get a lifetime Microsoft office 2021 license for just $30. This offer at 91% off is really difficult to pass up on. There are however options for both Mac and Windows users.

 3 Days Left To Get a Lifetime Microsoft Office 2021 License for Just $30

3 Days Left To Get a Lifetime Microsoft Office 2021 License for Just $30

A lot of people if not everyone has heard of or even made use of Microsoft office at some point in time, but not everyone may own a copy of it on their own computer devices, there are however some alternatives that work online and while that can help you a bit, it’s not a great solution when you are thinking long term. And if you get to find yourself spending more time creating documents, fixing up PowerPoint, and sending emails, you are really going to want to check this one out.

You can opt to ditch the subscription with its recurring charges and then snag a lifetime license of access to Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher for just $30 instead. This is back at the lowest ever price that we have seen and at a whopping 91% off the normal price of $349. This deal however is set to expire in just a couple of days, so with that being said, you should get your order in as soon as possible.

Free Online Version of Microsoft Office

At the moment, you can always choose to make use of the free online version of Microsoft office which of course has far fewer features. But in contrast to the online Microsoft 365 subscription suite that costs $10 monthly or $100 per annum, this downloadable version is a great bargain.

Drawbacks of This Deal

And while the price is almost and seems way too good to be true, it has been tried out, and guess what, it works like a charm. The two big caveats however is that you get a single key and Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage is not included. Stack in fact has been offering a version of this type of deal since the start of 2022. This lowest-ever price as you should know will not last forever, so you sure should make hay while the sun shines.


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