Gearbox’s Narrative Director Tells Enthusiasts to Stop Sending Stories and Story Ideas for Borderlands

Gearbox’s narrative director tells enthusiasts to stop sending stories and story ideas for Borderlands. The director reiterated that he cannot incorporate them (theories or story ideas) even if he likes them.

Gearbox's Narrative Director for Borderlands

Gearbox’s Narrative Director for Borderlands

Sam Winkler, Narrative director at Gearbox Software, has just reiterated to fans that he is unable to canonize their fan theories in the Borderlands series and reportedly asked them to stop sending them to him with that very intent.

Winkler in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) on January 6, who served as a writer on Borderlands 3 as well as lead writer on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, wrote: “PSA: Don’t send me your Borderlands theories or story ideas. Seriously. I will not read them. I cannot incorporate your headcanon (even if I like it myself) or ‘fix’ a story beat (even if I didn’t like it myself).”

“It’s also gonna end a conversation with me real quick,” he continued. “I’m *happy* to talk about writing as a craft and a career; it’s largely why I have my [direct messages] open, but if you start with your advice on what you think I or anyone else should do with Borderlands, you’re wasting the opportunity.”

What Liana Ruppert, FormerDestiny 2 Community Manager Has To Say on the Matter

Liana Ruppert, former Destiny 2 community manager, quoted the said thread and then added: “No, really, don’t do this. Had countless [conversations] with the narrative team over at Bungo [sic] on this. It’s especially awkward (and murky) if someone suggests something that was already planned and then there’s a sense of external ownership even though that beat was already in-progress.”

And now, back to Winkler, and despite several of his pleas to fans to stop sending things to him “with the intent to either canonize them or affect my work,” he reportedly added that he loves that people have those very ideas and theories in the first place. “Lord knows I had mine back when I [was] solely a fan outside of Gearbox,” he revealed.

Borderlands Movie Release

It has really been a while since we got a new main-series Borderlands game, given the fact that Borderlands 3 was released back in 2019. This year, however, fans can now look forward to the release of the Borderlands movie, which is reportedly set to launch on August 9.



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