African Change Narrative Storytellers’ Fellowship 2024 (Free Certification + Financial Support) – APPLY NOW

The African Change Narrative Storytellers’ Fellowship 2024 is a remarkable opportunity offered to early-career journalists and broadcasters across the African continent.

African Change Narrative Storytellers’ Fellowship 2024
African Change Narrative Storytellers’ Fellowship 2024

This unique fellowship program, supported by Africa No Filter, aims not only to provide financial support but also to empower storytellers to challenge and transform the prevailing negative stereotypes about Africa.

The fellowship, under the auspices of Africa No Filter, seeks to cultivate a new generation of journalists and storytellers committed to dismantling the negative portrayals of Africa.

African Change Narrative Storytellers’ Fellowship – Overview

The African Change Narrative Storytellers’ Fellowship endeavors to replace narratives of corruption, wars, famine, and despair with stories that capture the continent’s hope, resilience, and positive impact.

In empowering individuals to be change agents, the African Change Narrative Storytellers’ Fellowship focuses on nurturing journalists, storytellers, and content creators capable of reshaping the narrative landscape surrounding Africa.

Fellowship Structure

The fellowship is strategically divided into two cohorts:

  1. West and Central Africa Cohort: Open to participants from West Africa.
  2. East, Northern, and Southern Africa Cohort: Inclusive of applicants from these specified regions.

Fellowship Benefits

The benefits of African Change Narrative Storytellers’ Fellowship 2024 are;

  • Certification: Upon successful completing the fellowship program, participants will be awarded a free certificate.
  • Financial Support: A unique story writing grant, the amount of which will be unveiled to the selected fellows.
  • Networking Opportunities: Participants will have the chance to build valuable professional relationships with journalists and broadcasters from diverse African regions.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility requirements for participating in this Fellowship include:

  • Professional Background: The fellowship is open to early career journalists and broadcasters based in Africa, creating an inclusive space for emerging voices.
  • Course Completion Requirement: Applicants must complete a 3-hour+ course guiding them on how to tell African stories authentically, substantiated by email evidence of completion.
  • Commitment to Storytelling: Prospective fellows must demonstrate a strong commitment to crafting two change narrative stories that spotlight Africans making a difference.
  • Editorial Support: A letter of commitment from the applicant’s editor/producer is a prerequisite, emphasizing the collaborative nature of storytelling.

How to Apply

Application Deadline

The closing date is set for December 5, 2023. Selection of Candidates will be made on a rolling basis until all spaces are filled, hence, applicants are advised to act promptly.


Who is eligible for the fellowship?

Early career journalists and broadcasters based in Africa.

What is the deadline for applications?

December 5, 2023.

How many stories are participants expected to write?

Successful fellows are expected to write two change narrative stories.

What is the structure of the fellowship cohorts?

There are two cohorts: West and Central Africa, and East, Northern, and Southern Africa.

What does the financial support entail?

Selected fellows will receive a unique story writing grant; the amount will be disclosed to them.



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