EKOenergy Climate Fund 2024 (Up to €40,000 Grant Per Project) – APPLY NOW

The EKOenergy Climate Fund 2024 Call for Proposals is now open, and it will run from December 2023 to February 2024. EKOenergy is soliciting proposals for its Climate Fund, to assist short-term solar PV and wind electricity projects in low- and middle-income nations.

EKOenergy Climate Fund 2024
EKOenergy Climate Fund 2024

All projects that receive funding must be managed by seasoned nonprofit organizations and implemented in collaboration with local businesses, communities, and other pertinent parties. Each EKOenergy-ecolabel user makes up to 0.10 € per MWh contribution to the EKOenergy Climate Fund.

With these donations, EKOenergy helps to further positively influence consumers’ choice of renewable energy and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by funding new renewable electricity projects in low- and middle-income nations.


  • Through this call, EKOenergy’s Climate sponsor is currently looking to sponsor 15–20 short-term initiatives.
  • Grants for first-time applicants might be within the range of €15,000 and €40,000 for each project.
  • The maximum grant amount for organizations that were awarded funds by EKOenergy’s Climate Fund in 2022 or 2023 is €60,000.


  • Proposals on projects located in Malaysia, South Africa, and India, are highly encouraged. This is because of the growing interest among EKOenergy consumers to support initiatives in these regions.
  • The short-term projects chosen through open calls for EKOenergy’s Climate Fund are guaranteed to be in line with the company’s goal and to have a beneficial, long-lasting effect if they meet the following selection criteria:
  • Non-Profit Status: While NGOs are the main organization from which they accept applications, other non-profit organizations may also be eligible to apply if they meet certain requirements.
  • Organizational Capacity: The applicant’s organizations should demonstrate that they possess the necessary skills and have a track record of effectively finishing projects of a comparable scope. Organizations with a track record of accomplishment, attested to by references, are given preference.
  • Alignment with Strategic Goals: Project proposals must to be in line with the applicant organization’s objectives.
  • Community Engagement: The main candidate needs to be well-versed in the community that the initiative is intended to assist and have a solid relationship with it. To guarantee that the requirements of the community are given priority, the community must be involved in project planning beforehand.
  • Inclusive Projects in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: According to the World Bank, projects in low- and middle-income countries must benefit priority populations. To provide a fair and inclusive approach, participant selection must be based on an authentic needs assessment, with prejudice strictly prohibited.


The following are ineligible for the EKOenergy Climate Fund 2024:

  • Co-funding of larger projects in general, without restrictions, when the precise objective of the award is unclear.
  • Research initiatives that centre on research operations.
  • Campaigns, networking, workshops, and events outside of a project.

How to Apply for EKOenergy Climate Fund 2024?

  • As no pre-made form is offered, proposals may be submitted in any format that the applicants choose. Please use the PDF format, and compose the application in English. And limit it to three (3) pages (not including the optional front page).
  • Please send your proposal by the designated email at the official EKOenergy website by Friday, February 9th, at the latest. Please get in touch with EKOenergy for confirmation if, after three working days, you have not heard back from them.
  • When you submit a proposal to EKOenergy, you consent to the company’s secretariat and a panel of experts reviewing it. Please note that all proposals will be kept for monitoring after the call period. So please do not include any confidential information.

To apply and for more information, visit EKOenergy at: https://www.ekoenergy.org/climate-fund-call-for-proposals-december-2023/

Application Deadline:

9th February 2024.



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