Scammers are Currently Using ChatGPT to Catfish Users on Dating Apps

Scammers have now discovered a way to use ChatGPT to catfish users on dating apps, despite the fact that many individuals already use it to gain an advantage in both their professional and personal lives. Using an app named LoveGPT, a new online romance fraud bypasses “CAPTCHA,” interacts with users, and more by creating phony profiles on the top dating apps.

Dating Apps are Currently Using ChatGPT to Catfish Users
Dating Apps are Currently Using ChatGPT to Catfish Users

Scammers are Currently Using ChatGPT to Catfish Users

It is noteworthy that this specific tool has been in existence for more than ten years. But it wasn’t until a few months ago that OpenAI’s chatbot was integrated with it. The tool was elevated to a whole new level by this new integration. Which is why Avast’s security experts chose to christen it LoveGPT.

ChatGPT can now be used to start a conversation about favorite movies, relate to everyday struggles, and even share fictional memories in order to trick potential victims into thinking they are speaking with a real person rather than a chatbot.

LoveGPT Contains Several Functionalities to Help It Interact with Users

The primary module that drives LoveGPT has a number of features to facilitate user interaction. Such as the capacity to read inboxes, browse match details, send likes, store active cookies in a database, and more. Also, it features three distinct ChatGPT buttons that utilize the chatbot’s text-generating capabilities.

Ashley Madison, Badoo, Bumble, Facebook Dating, MeetMe, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, Tagged, Tinder, and Zoosk are among the 13 dating and discovery platforms on which LoveGPT is currently able to target users. In the future, though, it would be simple to incorporate more dating applications and sites into the program.

LoveGPT can generate fake accounts by completing the CAPTCHA and confirming phone numbers. For these accounts, it can also generate fictitious usernames, passwords, and email addresses. Apart from that, this app even has a few components to help it stay anonymous online, which is very concerning.

Stay Safe When Using Online Dating Apps

Although it can be challenging to identify LoveGPT directly, Avast offers a number of suggestions for users of dating apps who don’t want to waste their time or possibly fall victim to fraud when chatting with chatbots on the internet.

Start by checking to see whether the person you’re conversing with is really who they claim to be, if the discussion seems too good to be true, or if their profile seems a touch too polished. For example, a fast reverse image search can show whether a profile photo has been stolen from another website.

When it comes to other users on dating apps who seem overly eager to discuss their own experiences or who ask for personal information, you should exercise caution. You should refrain from disclosing any personal information on dating apps. Such as your home address, place of employment, or financial details, just like you would elsewhere on the internet.



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