Microsoft May Invest $10 Billion on ChatGPT Creator

Microsoft may invest $10 billion on ChatGPT creator. And in the event that the deal goes through, it could increase the stake of Microsoft in the company currently making waves at the moment.

Microsoft May Invest $10 Billion on ChatGPT Creator

Microsoft May Invest $10 Billion on ChatGPT Creator

Tech firm Microsoft is now in talks to invest a further $10 billion into OpenAI, which is the creator of the popular ChatGPT chatbot as per a Semafor report that was published on Tuesday.

The report which cites popular figures with the said matter says that the proposal in question calls for Microsoft to put in money over several years. And if the deal gets to go through, it is expected to value OpenAI which is an AI research lab founded by Sam Altman and Elon Musk among many others at a whopping n$29 billion.

The Effect of Microsoft’s Investment in OpenAI

A new round of investments also would increase the stake of Microsoft in OpenAI potentially, following a $1 billion investment both in cash and cloud credit back in the year 2019. Tech Company Microsoft according to reports is working to launch a whole new version of its big search engine that is powered by the AI tech that is used in ChatGPT just before the end of March, as it continues to seek to edge out Google.

What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT which is an AI-powered chatbot drew attention from the mainstream in the previous year for its ability to provide answers to questions through text in a human-like manner that is based on written prompts and then carry on a conversation. The technology offers answers and even poetry that are more creative and sophisticated than those from previous Silicon Valley chatbots.


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