Carleton College Acceptance Rate 2023 & Requirements

Carleton College, an esteemed institution, is a private liberal arts college situated in Northfield, Minnesota. Known for its rigorous academic programs and commitment to intellectual growth, Carleton offers a transformative educational experience for students.

Carleton College Acceptance Rate

According to U.S. News & World Report, Carleton College is classified as “most selective” in terms of admissions. The acceptance rate for the class of 2027 was 21.7% of all applicants, making Carleton the most selective college in Minnesota. Carleton has a notable track record of admitting students who participate in the National Merit Scholarship Program, often enrolling more of these scholars than any other liberal arts college in the country. In fact, the class of 2026 at Carleton included 38 National Merit Scholars.

A Brief History of Carleton College

Carleton College, an esteemed institution, is a private liberal arts college situated in Northfield, Minnesota. The 200-acre main campus, founded in 1866, is located between Northfield and the approximately 800-acre Cowling Arboretum, which became part of the university in the 1920s.

Students have the option to create their own major by selecting courses from one of 33 major programs, 38 minor programs, or both. Carleton College’s varsity teams participate in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference as part of the NCAA Division III level of competition.

Carleton is one of the liberal arts universities with the greatest proportion of undergraduates pursuing doctorates per 100 students. There have been 122 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellows, 112 Fulbright Scholars, 22 Watson Fellows, 20 NCAA Postgraduate Scholars, 13 Goldwater Scholars, and 18 Rhodes Scholars among the college’s students and alumni.

Carleton College Acceptance Rate 2023

Carleton College, known for its commitment to excellence in education, experienced a significant increase in its acceptance rate for the incoming class of 2027. According to recent reports, the college saw a remarkable 5% increase, rising from 17% for the class of 2026 to an impressive 21.7% for the class of 2027. With a total of 6,465 applicants, Carleton attracted a diverse pool of students from various backgrounds.

The college received applications from individuals hailing from 46 states, representing a wide geographic range across the United States. Additionally, applicants came from 433 schools and 29 countries, highlighting the institution’s global appeal. Notably, 12% of the applicants were international students, demonstrating Carleton’s commitment to fostering a multicultural and inclusive environment.

The college’s dedication to diversity is further evident in the composition of the enrolled class. A significant 39% of students identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), emphasizing Carleton’s efforts to promote inclusivity and representation on campus. Moreover, 16% of the incoming students are first-generation college attendees, reflecting the institution’s commitment to providing opportunities for students from all backgrounds to pursue higher education.

Academically, the incoming class showcases exceptional achievements. An impressive 65% of the enrolled students graduated in the top 10% of their high school class, highlighting their outstanding academic performance. Furthermore, the linguistic diversity of the cohort is noteworthy, with students speaking a total of 51 languages. This linguistic variety creates a rich and multicultural learning environment, fostering global perspectives and cross-cultural understanding.

As Carleton College welcomes its new class, it continues its tradition of providing a transformative educational experience. The diverse and accomplished group of students is poised to contribute to the vibrant intellectual community for which Carleton is known, embodying the college’s commitment to academic excellence, inclusivity, and global engagement.

Carleton College SAT, ACT, And GPA, Class Rank Requirements

SAT/ACT: Admission to Carleton College does not necessitate the submission of SAT or ACT scores. Although test results are optional, they will be considered if you include them with your application. For the most recent school year, 35% of applicants reported SAT results and 34% submitted ACT scores.

For reference purposes, Carleton College’s average SAT score is 1480 out of 1600, while the 1408–1550 range represents the middle 50% of accepted students. Students who are accepted to Carleton College achieve the highest SAT exam scores among all test-takers. The average ACT score for applicants accepted to Carleton College is 33, with the middle 50% of applicants (25th to 75th percentile) scoring between 31 and 35.

GPA: To be considered for admission to Carleton College, applicants are expected to possess a high school GPA of approximately 3.9. It is crucial to emphasize that exceptional academic performance and graduating near the top of one’s class are necessary to meet these GPA requirements.

However, it is essential to note that meeting these GPA requirements does not guarantee admission to Carleton College. This prestigious institution has a highly selective admissions process, meaning that additional factors beyond GPA alone are taken into consideration when evaluating applicants.

Class Rank: 69% of freshmen at Carleton College graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class. You must be the top student in your class to have a strong application.

What are the Admission requirements of Carleton College

  • Test results are taken into account but are not necessary
  • A High School GPA is recommended
  • High School Class Rank is  Recommended
  • Completion of College Preparatory is recommended
  • The demonstration of abilities is Neither necessary nor recommended

Carleton College Application Process

  • To apply to Carleton College, here to begin your procedures.
  • You can check Carleton College’s official website for more information

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