Clark University Presidential Scholarships 2024-2025 – APPLY NOW

Discover the gateway to an exceptional academic journey with the 2024-25 edition of the Clark University Presidential Scholarships, a renowned program offering unparalleled opportunities for undergraduate international students.

Clark University Presidential Scholarships

Clark University welcomes applications from international students who bring diverse perspectives and aspirations. While these scholarships are merit-based, candidates are expected to demonstrate their ability to contribute significantly towards their education costs, even if they qualify for the Presidential Scholarship. On average, international students at Clark contribute between $25,000 and $45,000 annually.

Clark University Presidential Scholarships Details

At Clark University, a distinctive educational paradigm, the Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP), melds the vigor of liberal arts with real-world engagement. The Presidential Scholarships are an integral part of this ethos, embodying a commitment to nurturing bright minds on a global stage.


  • A remarkable feature of the Clark University Presidential Scholarship is its comprehensive coverage.
  • Successful candidates are not only granted free tuition but also receive room and board for four transformative years.
  • This invaluable support is contingent on maintaining an exemplary academic record throughout their undergraduate journey.

Who’s Eligible for Clark University Presidential Scholarships?

Aspiring candidates who have set their sights on the Presidential LEEP Scholarship exemplify excellence. Their high school record places them at the forefront of Clark University’s applicant pool.

The Candidate’s enthusiasm to tackle rigorous academics, collaborate with peers and professors, and contribute to global change makes them standout contenders.

About Clark University

Since its inception in 1887, Clark University has been a trailblazer in higher education. With a rich history as the country’s first all-graduate institution, Clark now offers a robust selection of bachelor’s, master’s, certificate, and doctoral degree programs. Its unique blend of liberal arts education and impactful research prepares students to tackle global challenges.

Application Process for Clark University Presidential Scholarships

  • For those aspiring to become recipients of the Presidential Scholarship, the journey commences at Clark University’s website at:
  • When filling out the Common Application after August 1, applicants can express their interest in this prestigious award.
  • Detailed information about the scholarship’s essay topics is then provided, with a final submission deadline of February 1.
  • The Admissions Committee meticulously evaluates applications and selects finalists who showcase remarkable potential.
  • For more details, kindly visit the official website of Clark University at:

Application Deadline

The application deadline for Clark University Presidential Scholarships is February 1, 2024.


Do I need to submit a separate application for the Presidential Scholarship?

Yes, the Presidential Scholarship requires a separate application, unlike the other merit scholarships.

What is the average cost for international students at Clark University?

On average, international students contribute between $25,000 and $45,000 annually to cover their education costs.

When will I be notified if I’ve been awarded a merit scholarship?

If you’re awarded a merit scholarship, you’ll receive a notification along with your admissions decision.

What sets Clark University apart from other institutions?

Clark University’s unique educational model blends liberal arts with real-world engagement, offering students a comprehensive and transformative learning experience.

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