7 Best Amazing Pet Friendly Chicago Apartments

There are not so many pet friendly apartments, so here are the 7 Best Amazing Pet Friendly Chicago Apartments including dog parks.

7 Best Amazing Pet Friendly Apartment

7 Best Amazing Pet Friendly Chicago Apartments

Pets generally play a huge role in our lives knowingly and unknowingly to us. They are most times our best friends. And with that being said, our best friends surely deserve to be safe and have quality homes just like their human counterparts. And if you are in the search for luxurious and pet-friendly Chicago apartments, then you are in luck.

One thing that many people actually do not know is that Chicago is full of dog and pet-friendly apartments with complete pet spas, dog parks, amenities galore and so many more. It just goes on and on. I have now narrowed down the top Chicago apartments that are also pet-friendly.

The best pet-friendly apartments in Chicago include;

Alta Roosevelt

The Alta Roosevelt certainly leaves little to be desired with a rooftop garden and lawn, pet spa, dog parks, and exquisite views. The human amenities this apartment building also offers are top-notch, to say the least.

With the pet-friendly amenities offered by the Alta Roosevelt, you can be sure your pet will always be happy whether it is just a short break at the park or a nice walk to the loop. If therefore you have ever wished to live at a resort and also to bring your pet along with you, then this is the perfect spot for you.

1000 South Clark

1000 South Clark offers an onsite Pooch Club south loop and this is the ultimate in doggy and pet daycare services. The apartment also offers dog walking services, group training classes, full-service grooming, and great exclusive rates for all residents of the building.

Lake and Wells

This apartment building allows for a maximum of two pets in every home. There are however some breed restrictions. So for those pets that are allowed entry into this exquisite apartment, they are sure to enjoy a private pet walk and close proximity to a dog run.

The Paragon

If staying closer to your home is on the agenda or what is what you are looking for, then you should head over to the paragon which is located within a walking distance of the grant park and is perfect for a stroll with your pets. The building has a park for dogs and pets and also a pet spa.

Wolf Point West

This apartment building is sure to make your pet very happy with a bath spa and on-site dog run. Both of these amenities also overlook the Chicago River.


The moment is one of the biggest luxury apartments in regards that it comes with a 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenity space. To add to it, it also comes with a pet spa and a 600-square-foot outdoor do run.

One Bennett Park

One Bennett Park is a very popular luxury rental building that is situated right next to a park. It is perfect for pets to stop ta and smell the roses. And after you return you can stop at the pet spa run by the building.


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