Kaohsiung Medical University Scholarship 2024 in Taiwan – APPLY NOW

The Kaohsiung Medical University Scholarship in Taiwan for 2024 might be the perfect opportunity for you if you aspire to pursue a medical education of the highest quality while exploring a vibrant cultural experience.

Kaohsiung Medical University Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship award opens doors for high school graduates, bachelor’s and master’s degree holders, and even doctoral candidates to embark on a remarkable academic journey in Taiwan; one of Asia’s most dynamic countries.

Kaohsiung Medical University Scholarship

The much-anticipated Kaohsiung Medical University Scholarship for the year 2024 has been officially announced. This scholarship beckons individuals with diverse educational backgrounds to vie for a chance to further their studies at the esteemed Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan.

So, Whether you’re a fresh high school graduate or a seasoned academician, if you hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can eagerly apply for this coveted scholarship. This international scholarship is offered across multiple academic levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

The scholarship isn’t just about financial assistance; it’s a golden ticket to broaden your intellectual horizons and foster your personal growth.

About Kaohsiung Medical University

Kaohsiung Medical University is Taiwan’s pioneering private medical institution renowned for its excellence in medical science education and research. The university’s affiliation with hospitals goes beyond providing healthcare; it extends to training medical interns.

Comprising various colleges, including Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Life Science, Nursing, Health Sciences, and Humanities & Social Sciences, KMU ensures a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

Benefits of the Kaohsiung Medical University Scholarship

Enrolling in the Kaohsiung Medical University Scholarship comes with a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Coverage of tuition fees
  • Monthly stipend
  • Accommodation expenses
  • In-depth academic knowledge
  • Students will be exposed to Taiwan’s culture, traditions, and history
  • Students will get to immerse themselves in an environment that encourages holistic growth.
  • Not only will recipients receive top-tier medical education, but Kaohsiung University also provides a nurturing setting to enhance their Chinese language and cultural knowledge skills.
  • Throughout the student’s academic journey, they’ll engage in various activities that develop their communication, teamwork, interpersonal, and leadership skills – for a successful medical career.

Eligibility Criteria for Kaohsiung Medical University Scholarship

In other to be considered for the Kaohsiung Medical University Scholarship, Candidates are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a degree recognized by the Ministry of Education (M.O.E.) and verified by the Republic of China (R.O.C.)
  • International students must adhere to the regulations governing studies in Taiwan
  • Maintain a strong academic record

Program Specifics

  • Depending on your desired program, the eligibility criteria differ:
  • Undergraduate Program: High school diploma
  • School of Post-Baccalaureate Medicine: Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Master’s Program: Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • D. Program: Master’s degree or higher

How to Apply for Kaohsiung Medical University Scholarship 2024

Applying for the Kaohsiung Medical University Scholarship is a step-by-step process that includes:

  • Visit the scholarship application website found below
  • From the webpage, select your desired program
  • Create an account and register to proceed with the application
  • Review the Declaration and agree to the terms
  • Complete the application form meticulously
  • Upload the required documents at the appropriate spaces provided
  • Submit the application, Print and sign the application form for documentation
  • Provide two references

Official website: enroll.kmu.edu.tw/admission-application

Scholars Selection Criteria

The selection process for the KMU Scholarship in Taiwan 2024 is meticulous:

  • Excellent academic record
  • Quality of the application form
  • Adherence to eligibility criteria

Application Deadline

October 13, 2023.

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