IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2024 – APPLY NOW

The IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2024 in Austria is a golden opportunity for international students seeking to further their academic pursuits and research ambitions.

IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

This fully funded program opens doors for talented individuals from across the world, offering them a chance to engage in cutting-edge research and collaborate with esteemed mentors. Here’s everything you need to know about this exceptional fellowship:

IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Details

The IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2024 in Austria beckons international students to join its ranks and embark on a transformative academic journey. This program is a stepping stone for those who have demonstrated exceptional academic prowess and are committed to advancing their careers in research.

The IST-BRIDGE International Postdoctoral Program 2024-25 is designed to nurture the intellectual growth of postdoctoral scholars. It serves as a bridge between academia and the professional world, enabling fellows to seamlessly transition their expertise into impactful careers.

The program thrives on its two foundational pillars: fostering research excellence and shaping postdoctoral degrees into promising career trajectories.

Available Fields of Study

The IST scholarship program caters to a diverse range of academic interests. Students have the opportunity to study the following Fields:

  • Computer science
  • Natural science, and
  • Mathematics

This multidisciplinary approach ensures that scholars can explore their passions within a supportive and collaborative environment.

Benefits of the IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Selected fellows of the IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program can expect a comprehensive funding package that covers all expenses during their two-year study duration.

The program offers four distinct tracks for students to achieve their goals, including BRIDGE placements and secondments whenever possible.

This prestigious scholarship also bestows the coveted “Marie Sklodowska-Curie” title upon its exceptional scholars.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, applicants must meet the criteria below:

  • The Candidates must possess a completed PhD degree in their chosen field.
  • Having a minimum of four years of research experience is also essential.
  • Candidates who can provide proof of their diploma through copies are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must not have engaged in any prior activities in Austria before applying for the scholarship.

Documents Required

Candidates are required to submit;

  • A research proposal of at least five pages
  • A recommendation letter.
  • Additionally, a table addressing ethical issues must be included in the application.

Application Process

Applying for the IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is an online process and takes just a few minutes to complete. Candidates can expect to receive an email from IST with further instructions and relevant details.

Ensuring accuracy in personal information, including name, address, and date of birth, is crucial. Applicants are required to provide a comprehensive history of the past five years before the application deadline.

How to Apply?

  • Providing personal details
  • A comprehensive history of the last five years, and specific information about the PhD program.
  • Choosing a suitable supervisor and submitting a project title or summary are essential components of a successful application.
  • Click the official link given below to commence your application

Application Deadline

Aspiring postdoctoral fellows have until November 5, 2023, to submit their applications for the IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2024 in Austria.


Is the IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program open to international students?

Yes, the program welcomes international students from around the world to apply.

What are the available fields of study under this program?

The program covers computer science, natural science, and mathematics.

Are Candidates who are yet to complete their PhD Eligible to apply?  

No, applicants must have a completed PhD degree to be eligible for this fellowship.

What financial benefits are offered by the program?

The program is fully funded and covers all expenses during the two-year study duration.

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