Apple’s Last-Gen iPad Falls to a Record Low Just Ahead of Black Friday

Apple’s last-gen iPad falls to a record low of $229.99 just ahead of Black Friday for shoppers. The ninth-generation tablet from the year 2021 is currently $100 off, thus making it an even much better budget choice.

Apple’s Last-Gen iPad Black Friday

Apple’s Last-Gen iPad Black Friday

Apple’s iPads really just don’t get any simpler and cheaper than this. The ninth-generation iPad as you should know, which has unceremoniously remained the entry-level option of Apple tablets even a whole year after the 10th-gen model reportedly came out, is now selling for a new low.

You can now get the 2021 iPad with 64GB of storage for only $229.99 ($100 off its MSRP) at Amazon and Target. This very early Black Friday deal in question is an additional $20 cheaper than the previous low price of $249.99 that we have been seeing consistently for some time. Also, if it is that 64GB is a tad bit slimmer on storage than you would normally prefer, then the 256GB model on the other hand is also $100 off at Amazon and Target thus dropping the price to $379.99.

Specs and Features

While the ninth-gen model of the device may just be a few years old, it is still a very much formidable budget-friendly tablet. This 10.2-inch display of the device may be surrounded by some boxy bezels, but within them, as you should know is also that classic home button with Touch ID. And inside the last-gen iPad is the A13 Bionic processor of Apple, which initially debuted with the iPhone 11 but however still has the processing headroom for basic tasks, streaming, as well as note-taking with a first-gen Apple Pencil, if you opt to add one on later.

Why You Should Get In On This Deal

Frankly, if it is that you are considering an affordable tablet for a child and you really don’t want to buy into the cheaper but yet more limited Fire line of Amazon, then the ninth-gen iPad is very much ideal. It can do a whole lot of the same things much pricier iPads can do, running the same type of apps, or it can easily and comfortably be put to work as a glorified Netflix machine without getting to spend hundreds more on one of its cousins that can just be overkill for that simple task.



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