Three New iPads Could Be Launched Today

Three new iPads could be launched today along with the iPadOS 16 as it seems to be a busy day for apple.

Three New iPads Could Be Launched Today

Three New iPads Could Be Launched Today

If you are one of the many who have been holding out for a new model of the iPad Pro then you just might have to wait no more as it now looks more than likely that the iPad Pro 2022 line will be announced sometime today, October 18.

This news is coming from Mark Gurman who has a very good track record for information in regard to apple products. And while he is currently the only source that is pointing to today, other sources are suggesting that the launch should be imminent too.

Previous Leaks About The iPad Pro 2022

Many leakers have said that the iPad Pro 2022 will be unveiled in October, for instance, and Mark Gurman also noted that most iPad Pro configurations right now are out of stock at many of the apple stores across the united states with shipping estimates now slipping into November for most models online.

That is very much notable due to the fact that apple would be very much unlikely to have stock problems with these very models, so the main fact that apple has allowed them to be out of stock at this time suggests that they are about to be replaced.

The Reason Apple Could Launch These Products Today

On top of all that, apple has a track record of announcing its new products on Tuesdays, with the iPad Pro 2021 line also announced on a Tuesday, for instance. And as such, while we cannot be certain at this moment that today will be the day we get to see the iPad Pro 2022 line, it’s looking very much likely, and even if it doesn’t happen today then we will probably get to see these products very soon.


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