Joe Biden, The Vice President, and The White House Finally Joins Threads

Joe Biden, the vice president and the White House finally joins Threads. The president on his birthday gifts himself a threads account. The president as well as the white house has come out to say that the move in question is in no way related to X.

Joe Biden Finally Joins Threads

Joe Biden Finally Joins Threads

US President Joe Biden has signed up for a Threads account today, as did the White House, Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as the second gentleman, Douglas Emhoff.

The first post of Biden on Meta’s X (formerly known as Twitter) competitor harkens back to his 2020 presidential victory speech with several references to the divisions of the country as well as its current “inflection point.” Harris however gestured to her travels throughout the US as well as her having met “over 100” world leaders, and Emhoff wrote about gender equity and “countering hate of all kinds.”

The White House’s Response to the New Development

Meanwhile, the White House on the other hand wrote, “The wait is Joe-ver.” Yes, I suppose it is. Former President of the US, Obama also posted a birthday message to Biden on Threads today.

What This Means for Threads

Biden as well as his company signing up is a very good sign for the platform. Before the change of its name, Twitter had far fewer regular users than bigger platforms such as Facebook. But it has however tended to draw influential people of all stripes, and this is inclusive of political leaders. Biden joining the social media platform doesn’t mean that Threads will become a 1:1 replacement for the Twitter that was, but it just may show that it has potential as a news source — whether it wants that in question or not.

X Continued Struggles under the Musk Administration

And according to a statement that was provided to Axios, the new Biden administration accounts as you should know don’t preclude their participation on the other platform of Elon Musk. Even so, the struggles of X to retain advertisers have gotten worse in just the previous week as heavy advertisers, which is inclusive of Apple and the European Commission, left abruptly following a Media Matters report that reportedly highlighted hate speech on the platform as well as the apparent support of Musk in regards to it.



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