Meta Is Set To Launch a Web Version for Threads

Meta is set to launch a web version for Threads as early as this week. A new report that is now making the rounds states that Threads is getting one of the most requested features of users this very week.

Meta Web Version for Threads

Meta Web Version for Threads

Meta as you should know will be launching the web version of Threads, which is its competitor to X (a social media platform formerly known as Twitter) in the early parts of this week, The Wall Street Journal reports. A web version has been frustratingly missing ever since the short-form posting service kicked off.

CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg said that the company is working on adding the feature along with better search (well, search at all, really, as of right now, you can search for usernames only on the platform) in the early parts of this month, and also that it would be ready in “the next few weeks.”

Meta’s Plan for a Web Version for Threads

However, WSJ also writes that its sources say that the feature’s “launch plans aren’t final and could change.” Mosseri however posted on Threads just last week that Meta had been testing “an early version internally for a week or two,” but that it “needs some work” before a wider release.

The Plans for Threads since Its Launch

Threads as you should remember launched as a very barebones Twitter clone only just a month and a half ago, and then quickly soaring past the 100 million user mark and then filled with celebrities as well as brands, but it however has been missing out on several crucial features, which the firm has been slowly adding to the platform.

The company however just recently added a follow feed, as well as the ability for users to verify a link with their Mastodon profile, thus indicating that Meta may actually be taking integration with the decentralized social network protocol Activity Pub partially seriously, well, at the least.

Do Threads Have a Browser Version

The answer to this question is No. Threads do not have a desktop version currently on PC, but with the news and with everything I have mentioned earlier, there are several hints that one is currently in development.

Is Threads Only an App

Just as mentioned here already and in previous posts, threads is a mobile-only platform for now, users and account holders of threads can only read posts on, but they however cannot post or even do basics such as interaction.



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