SwitchBot’s New Smart Curtain Controller Is Quieter and Stronger

SwitchBot’s new smart curtain controller is quieter and stronger according to the company. The company and firm have stated that it has now beefed up its new Curtain 3 in a bid to handle twice as heavy curtains.

SwitchBot’s New Smart Curtain Controller

The company also says that it has made it quieter with a new, slower-moving mode and it also gives it unlimited battery life with a new and separately available solar panel.

SwitchBot’s New Smart Curtain Controller

SwitchBot has just announced the Curtain 3, which in case you don’t know is a smart curtain controller that it says will be quieter than the previous Curtain 2, and twice as strong. The company also claims that a new, improved (as well as separately available) solar panel will get to offer “true unlimited battery power,” which is something that the previous panel didn’t quite get to achieve.

The Curtain 3, as well as the SwitchBot Solar Panel 3, will sell for $89.99 (£89.99 / €89.99) and $25.99 (£25.99 / €25.99), respectively, when they get to launch on August 25th.

The Curtain 3 in question is and just as the name suggests the third iteration of the smart curtain controller of the company. The device can now pull up to 36 pounds (16kg), as per the company, which is over double the 17lb weight limit of the Curtain2. And just like the Curtain 2, the new curtain controller makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy, thus giving it a range of up to 80m (262ft), thus assuming a direct line of sight.

SwitchBot Specs and Features

The specs of SwitchBot say that its new controller hums at about 45dB from 1m away (which is roughly as loud as a suburban neighborhood at night), while its new 5mm-per-second QuietDrift Mode in question will drop it to 25dB, which as you should know is about as loud as a human whisper.

The new design outwardly is very much similar to prior models, but it is however longer (by 30mm) and also skinnier now than the Curtain 2. The company however states that it is compatible with 99 percent “of curtain tracks found around the world.” And just like the Curtain 2, it can be purchased in various configurations such as rod rail, U rail, and I rail.

SwitchBot however says that its new $25.99 SwitchBot Solar Panel 3 has “over twice the charging efficiency,” and it will be needing only three hours in direct sun, “where clear shadows can be formed,” in a bid to eliminate the need to charge the Curtain 3 effectively. Battery life on its own has not yet improved though — SwitchBot in question still expects the Curtain 3, just like the previous model, to last for up to 8 months on a full and complete charge.

SwitchBot Hub 2

SwitchBot in the early parts of this year introduced its new $70 SwitchBot Hub 2, which in question serves as a Matter bridge and therefore adds Apple Home compatibility to the Curtain 3 (and its other Bluetooth devices, just like the Curtain 2). And without the updated hub, you are pretty stuck with Samsung SmartThings, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa, although the company in question also supports Apple Shortcuts, which you easily and most effectively can trigger with Siri.

About SwitchBot

If it is that you haven’t heard of SwitchBot, then you should know that it is known for its clever, easy-to-install smart home retrofits, just like its $99 smart lock that is not a smart door lock at all, but however, a Bluetooth-connected motor that easily attaches to your door with just a plastic piece that over the thumb turn of your deadbolt.

And just so you know it also makes a button-pressing robot that can toggle paddle switches (amusingly, the firm shows a Hue smart switch as one that it is compatible with) or effectively press other buttons, say to start your coffee maker.



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