Best Podcasts on Spotify – Best Podcasts to Listen to on Spotify

Searching for the Best Podcasts on Spotify? Well look no further, Spotify has beefed itself up as a destination for podcasts. According to the company, there are now more than 1 million shows in the catalog which, suffice to say, makes finding the best podcasts on Spotify a little tricky.

Best Podcasts On Spotify

As ever, though, we’ve done the hard part for you and rounded up some of the best podcasts on Spotify for crime, history, sport, politics, comedy, and more. Podcasts are a superb way of keeping up with politics, hearing the most amazing undiscovered stories, expanding your mind, geeking out on your specialist interests, and generally entertaining yourself – all while taking a break from staring at a screen.

Spotify has bought up podcasting production companies and created a slew of exclusive series for its ‘Spotify Originals platform.

Best Podcasts on Spotify

The best podcasts on the Spotify list include a mix of both Originals and podcasts which you can find elsewhere. It’s packed with recent podcast sensations as well as podcast gold from the past few years and, of course, there’s plenty of true crime. Spotify isn’t just for listening to music anymore—it also has a huge, constantly-expanding list of podcast titles.

The best podcasts on Spotify explore a range of fascinating topics and exciting formats, like chatting with your ex about sex, learning how your favorite celebs broke into Hollywood, and, oh yeah, MICHELLE OBAMA.

Yeah, Spotify casually linked a deal with the Obamas’ and dropped The Michelle Obama Podcast with too much fanfare. You better believe that it made this list—and so did nine other popular podcasts that you can stream on Spotify for free.

Best Podcasts to Listen to on Spotify

Below are some lists of the best podcasts you can listen to on Spotify;

In the Dark

If you like to go deep on fascinating stories, this is the podcast for you. This Peabody Award-winning podcast investigates law enforcement and the criminal justice system, and it leaves no stones unturned. The first season investigated the kidnapping and death of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling and the second, the case of Curtis Flowers, who was tried six times for the same murder.

LeVar Burton Reads

Fans who watched Reading Rainbow as kids or Star Trek as adults will recognize LeVar Burton’s velvety-smooth voice and amazing storytelling skills. On LeVar Burton Reads, you can slip into the stories he tells like you would a warm bath. The podcasts vary in length based on the tales he’s sharing, which are also chosen based on his personal faves.

Stuff You Should Know

We all have knowledge gaps and misconceptions, and this informative and entertaining podcast can help fix that. Each episode covers a topic you might want to know more about, like how barbed wire actually works, a brief history of punk rock, and how ventriloquists do what they do. This one’s guaranteed to give you some prime cocktail party conversation.

Why Won’t You Date Me?

Nicole Byer has a lot going for her: A hit Netflix show in Nailed It, sold-out comedy shows, and a killer sense of style. But she hasn’t found love, so she made a podcast about it. This gut-busting podcast tackles topics like her green-card marriage, getting through dry spells, and the hilarious pitfalls of the modern dating scene with the sometimes R-rated comedy you love from Byer.

The list of the best podcasts on Spotify goes on and on. It will also interest you to know that they are all good and amazing to listen to. To get more details on the best podcasts on Spotify click here.

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